Teen Boys HD for Genesis 8 Male

Teen Boys HD for Genesis 8 Male

This set contains 5 custom body and 5 custom head shapes to be used with Genesis 8 Male to turn him into different older teen boys.

Optional HD Detail morphs for each body and face morph and also the full body muscular morph are included as well.

HD morphs can be dialed in optionally. Automatic projection morphs for the HD detail morphs are included too for a better clothing fitting.

Included are lots of custom full body/head and partial body/head morphs and adjustment control dials and also several ready-to-go presets. You can either use the full shape, partial body or head presets or the dials for maximum and step-less control. You can even mix the different dials to get complete new shapes. If you like you can save your own shape presets to be used later again. Lots of adjustment options and dials enable you to tweak the shapes even further. Adjustments controls for legs, neck, head, face etc. are included as well. For a full list see below please.

You can use the included full body and head morphs as a start and then alter your shapes with the included adjustment morphs to make the shape even more unique. Or use morphs from other products.

You can even use the controls with other characters to make their appearance younger or mix them with other morph packs.

Created for Genesis 8 Male the included shapes and morphs work with any compatible material and other morph products.

Height measurements courtesy of Measure Metrics for Daz Studio:

  • Teen Boy 01 : Height 172 cm / 5.67 ft, Waist 29.31 in, Bust 36.22 in
  • Teen Boy 02 : Height 173 cm / 5.70 ft, Waist 29.76 in, Bust 37.25 in
  • Teen Boy 03 : Height 178 cm / 5.84 ft, Waist 30.37 in, Bust 35.77 in
  • Teen Boy 04 : Height 177 cm / 5.80 ft, Waist 30.51 in, Bust 37.34 in
  • Teen Boy 05 : Height 182 cm / 5.98 ft, Waist 30.26 in, Bust 37.01 in

Measurements are for the default, unaltered shapes. You can use the included adjustment morphs to alter the shapes, like for height, waist and bust shape etc.

There are no other products required to use this product.

You can also use this product for your own character/shape products as long as this product is listed as required.

This is a shape/custom morph product, included are morphs and shape presets as listed below.

Displayed skins, hair, clothing etc. are for promotional purposes and not part of this product.

What's Included and Features

  • Teen Boys HD for Genesis 8 Male
  • Shaping Presets (.DUF):
    • 5 Full Shapes
    • 5 Full HD Details with Removes
    • 5 Base Head Shapes
    • 5 Head HD Details with Removes
    • 5 Base Body Shapes
    • 5 Body HD Details with Removes
    • Navel Adjust Reset
    • Nipples Adjust Reset
    • Full Reset
    • Head Reset
    • Body Reset
  • Morph Dials (.DSF):
    • Teen Boy 01-05 Full
    • Teen Boy 01-05 Body
    • Teen Boy 01-05 Body Details
    • Teen Boy 01-05 Head
    • Teen Boy 01-05 Face Details
    • Teen Boy 01-05 HD Details
    • Teen Boy 01-05 Body HD Details
    • Teen Boy 01-05 Face HD Details
    • Face Older
    • Face Younger
    • Teen Boy Body Base
    • Full Body Chubby
    • Full Body Muscles
    • Full Body Muscles HD Details
    • Full Body Slim
    • Body Height
    • Arms Volume
    • Upper Arms Volume
    • Lower Arms Volume
    • Nipples Adjustment
    • Pectorals Developed
    • Upper Body Smaller
    • Feet Length
    • Feet Shape
    • Hand Size
    • Head Size
    • Nose Shape
    • Neck Circumference
    • Neck Length
    • Glutes Shape
    • Hip Shape
    • Legs Volume
    • Upper Legs Volume
    • Lower Legs Volume
    • Abdomen / Waist Shape
    • Navel Adjustment
    • Waist Lower Width

Compatible Figures:

Genesis 8 Male

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.10

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install

Compatible figures: