Caesar Salad Action for Dude 2

Caesar Salad Action for Dude 2

Check it out Dude, I'm Caesar! Compatible with Poser .

Check it out Dude, I'm Caesar!
Dude, Caesar was a salad dressing.
Let's toss some salad!
Dude! Watch it! That's pointy and sharp! You could put my eye out! Now put that sword away, dude. Let's look at the awesome architecture around here instead of fighting. Great marbled steps and pillars. Most excellent.

Requires The Dude 2 and Caesar is a Salad Dressing Dude.

What's Included & Features

  • Poses (.pz2)
    • 21 Full Poses for The Dude 2 with and without IK (42 Poses in all)
      • 6 Poses with sword in Right Hand
      • 6 Matching Poses with Sword in left Hand
      • 4 Poses With Sword in Scabbard
      • 5 Poses with Twin Swords
    • 2 Partial Poses for Sword Grips
    • Clothes Fit Poses where needed (56 Poses)
SKU 11590
Genre Toon
Compatible Figures The Dude 2
Compatible Software Poser 9+
Compatible figures: 
Toon for Poser and Daz Studio