The Toony Two Value Stack

The Toony Two Value Stack

Here is your chance to get both The Dude 2 and SuzyQ 2 and SAVE! Compatible with Poser.

Value Stacks are groups of products with an associated discount. Sounds like a "Bundle" right? Nope... it's way better.

  • You never have to leave the page to see each product's details... click on a product in the list and its details load.
  • You can customize your bundle by "unchecking" any of the products that you don't want... but your discount percentage will be reduced.
  • If you've purchased one of the products previously, the price of that product is removed from the total and the discount percentage is not reduced
SKU 11584
Genre Toon
Compatible Software Poser 9+
Compatible figures: 
Toon for Poser and Daz Studio