Equipment Trailer

Equipment Trailer

The Equipment Trailer

The Equipment Trailer model set replicates a modern contractor equipment trailer
that would be found on a construction site. The trailer model features both
external and internal tool boxes with doors that can be opened with a normal
Y or X Rotation depending on which door is chosen.

The Equipment Trailer model also features a door at the back of the trailer that
can be opened and closed along with a 'top' that can be be removed or repositioned
if required to more fully access the interior space.

Lastly, the Equipment Trailer model comes in four color varieties with Black, Blue,
Red and White outside wall and door panels.

The Equipment Trailer model set includes everything you need to set up an on-site
contractor equipment trailer scene:

Props (PP2):

EQ-Trailer Black
EQ-Trailer Blue
EQ-Trailer Red
EQ-Trailer White

Everything comes as Poser ready props that can be loaded from the content
palette under the Props section.

The Equipment Trailer model also comes with all of the texture templates to
allow you to give the props a custom look of your own design.

You will need Poser 5 (or higher) or Daz Studio to use this set.

Poser 6, Poser 7+, Poser 8 / Poser Pro 2010+, Poser 10 / Poser Pro 2014 +, Poser 9 / Poser Pro 2012 +, Poser 11

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