Flying Carpet

Flying Carpet

A magic carpet, also called a flying carpet, is a legendary carpet that can be used to transport humans who are on it quickly to their destination. One of the stories in the One Thousand and One Nights relates how Prince Husain, the eldest son of Sultan of the Indies, travels to Bisnagar in India and buys a magic carpet.This carpet is described as follows: "Whoever sitteth on this carpet and willeth in thought to be taken up and set down upon other site will, in the twinkling of an eye, be borne thither, be that place nearhand or distant many a day's journey and difficult to reach." The literary traditions of several other cultures also feature magical carpets, in most cases literally flying rather than instantly transporting their passengers from place to place.

What is included:
Flying Carpet - morphing prop
5 carpet textures

Universal (M4 or V4) poses:
3 fullbody poses
17 low body poses
13 upper body poses

Scaled to poser people, up to 4kx4k textures, product is intended for closeups, midrange and distant shots, selected dials with limits on. Unpacked Runtime Size: 53 MB. Original Design.

Poser 7+

Compatible figures: Victoria 4, Michael 4

Compatible figures: 
Transportation for Poser and Daz Studio