Garbage Truck 2 - 3ds / obj - Extended License

Garbage Truck 2 - 3ds / obj - Extended License

Garbage trucks are large, heavy-duty vehicles used to haul garbage, trash, waste materials, refuse, and even recycling. Some common styles of garbage trucks include:
Front loaders: these trucks use arms on the front to pick up waste containers and empty them into the top of the truck.
Rear loaders: these trucks have an opening at the rear where waste collectors can through waste into.
Some trucks may be upgraded with fully-automatic and extending arms to pick up bins and empty them into the top of the truck.

This is a digital model of a front-loading garbage truck with arms that raise over the front.

Product Features:
- Approx 41195 polygons.
- Made entirely with 3 and 4 point polygons.
- Does not have an interior cabin, so we recommend darkening the windows.
- Includes group information, which your software should interpret as separate parts:
-- Front and rear wheels
-- Front arms and arm-forks
-- Top door
-- Gas-cylinders connecting the arms to the truck
- Although the model includes these parts, this version of the model is not rigged.
- Includes logically named materials, such as BodyMetal, Tires, Headlight Glass, and more. This makes it very easy to recolor the model.
- This version includes an mtl file, which your software program should read to colorize the model.
- The model has basic UV mapping and NO textures are included. You'll need to apply your own shaders, such as metal and fabric.

A limited-rigged Poser version is available for free with every purchase: ask us how to get it!

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