Kawa ZXR750 - Motorcycle

Kawa ZXR750 - Motorcycle

A 3D-figure of a Motorcycle look a little bit like a ZXR750 by Kawasaki for Poser and Daz-Studio.

This product includes:

for Daz-Studio:

- motorcycle-3Dfigure (.duf)
- props (key,chaincover,tankpad,left exhaust)(.duf)
- 3Delight-materials (2xWhite-Blue-Green, 1xDarkred, 2xBlack)(.duf)
- IRAY-materials (2xWhite-Blue-Green, 1xDarkred, 2xBlack)(.duf)
- sit on bike-poses for G3F, G3M and G8F (.duf)

for Poser:

- motorcycle-3Dfigure (.cr2)
- props (key,chaincover,tankpad,left exhaust)(.pp2)
- Poser6-10-materials (2xWhite-Blue-Green, 1xDarkred, 2xBlack)(.mc6)
- Poser 11-materials (2xWhite-Blue-Green, 1xDarkred, 2xBlack)(.mc6)
- sit on bike poses for Victoria 4 and Micheal 4 (.pz2)

moveable parts:

Moveable parts on the motorcycle (Poser & DS):
- wheels are moveable (rotable and up)
- fronthandlebar- and wheel can be turned left and right
- levers on handlebar and pedals are moveable
- kickstand is moveable

not (!) moveable parts on the motorcycle (Poser & DS):
- the chain is not moveable.

Software: Poser 8+, Daz Studio 4

Transportation for Poser and Daz Studio