River Queen With Bow Wave And Stern Wake For Vue

River Queen With Bow Wave And Stern Wake For Vue

This kind of small steam-powered river boat was in common use on African rivers about 1925 - 1960. The boat type was made famous in a 1951 movie called "The African Queen", starring Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn. This is a good, high-detail boat for any scene with a jungle river or lake.

Here, the boat comes with a wind-blown awning, and optional bow wave, stern wake and three turbulent river sections to make the job of scene-building somewhat easier.

The boat is a scale-model of actual river boats of this type. It has interior seats, a steam engine with boiler on metal decking, plumbing and steam pressure gauge, wooden ship's wheel and brass control levers. The awning and awning poles can be removed, if desired. The life rings and gaff pole can be re-positioned as desired - perhaps placed in a character's hands.

You can position the boat in one of the river sections, on a lake or tied up to a dock or a tree along the river bank. The optional curved-tip river sections allow you to make a scene with the river curving around a bend, just ahead or just behind the boat. If the boat is moving relatively slowly, you can re-scale the bow wave to make it much smaller - it will look just as good. Or, if the boat is tied up or at a standstill, just remove the bow wave and stern wake altogether.

Software: Vue 9

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