Bonez adds many new options to the Daz Skeletons, from changing skull shapes, to bigger or smaller arms, legs, hands, feet, and even adds some new mimic compatible expressions into those rigid old bones!

Required Products
Victoria 3 and Michael 3 Skeletons
Compatible 3D Figures
Compatible 3D Software
DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
  • BoneZ is based on the M3 skeleton and adds:
    • Scaling for the head, (including jaw, and x/y/z scaling including jaw), hands, and feet.
    • Scaling is also added to the chest/upperbody, shoulders, and thigh bones, to easily increase limb size.
      • (These changes will allow you many different body types now!)
    • Morph from male to female skeleton type.
    • New Skull and Jaw figure which includes all the Bonez morphs, and all the Daz Mimic morphs as well!
    • New Bare Bonez Poseable Skull/Jaw for prop use.
    • New Crossbones figure which includes the Daz Skeleton femur bones, for those Warning or Jolly Roger renders!
    • New Morphing Spine Tail figure, derived from the original skeleton's spine!
    • New Left and Right "drumstick" Thigh Bones (All the new figures use the original templates, and accept the add-on Daz skeleton textures and mat poses (not included).
    • P5/P6 mat poses provided for use with the Daz Skeleton Texture pack.
    • Morphs are organized in the skull to take advantage of Poser 5/6 catagories.
  • 138 total new morphs include:
    • 37 head shape morphs
    • 16 brows morphs
    • 8 cheekbone morphs
    • 17 eye socket morphs
    • 6 nose cavity morphs
    • 8 jaw morphs
    • 6 total new Mimic morphs
      LbrowUp, RBrowUp, Happy, Sad, Surprised, and Angry
    • 17 upper teeth morphs (control the length or hide symmetrical pairs of teeth)
    • 12 lower teeth morphs (control the length or hide symmetrical pairs of teeth) (Some teeth morphs can double as longer/hidden)
    • 11 boney body shaping morphs New simple Smartprop included to easily darken the eye sockets.
Undead Vampires for Daz Studio and Poser