Babylon Princess

Babylon Princess

Babylon Princess is the new V4 Sci-Fi BodySuit by Midnight_stories. A very unique hi-tech suit with a mechanical feel to it. There two versions a normal set and one of the first Unimesh versions for the new Poser Pro 2014 Sub-Division surfaces.Comes with a great array of morphs including GND4 Elite and several V4-morph++ see list below for more details. It also has many adjustment dials to help fit any V4 head shape and a great range of styles, plus a hide-glove pose. I've also included Hide/Show poses for V4 so there is no chance of poke though. There are 12 Latex materials and 6 Battle worn material, Plus 8 glow sub materials so you can customize the look to suit yourself. All the material have been make to match the Cyber Hair set. Plus there are matching DAZ Studio presets. So take your sci-fi scenes to a new high.



  • 1 Conforming Suit for Victoria 4.2
  • 1 Conforming Unimesh Suit for Victoria 4.2
  • 12 Latex Material
  • 6 Grunge Metal Material
  • 8 Glow Sub Materials
  • 5 Visibility Poses

DAZ Studio

  • 12 Latex Presets
  • 6 Grunge Metal Presets
  • 8 Glow Sub Presets

Product Includes:

Morph List

  • FBMAmazon
  • FBMBodyBuilder
  • FBMEmaciated
  • FBMFantasiaBody
  • FBMFitness
  • FBMHeavy
  • FBMPearFigure
  • FBMSylphBody
  • FBMThin
  • FBMUtopianBody
  • FBMVoluptuous
  • FBMYoung
  • GND4
  • GND4 FootPetite
  • GND4 NippleSmooth

Breast Morphs

  • PBMBreastsCleavage
  • PBMBreastsCleavageWidth
  • PBMBreastsDiameter
  • PBMBreastsDroop
  • PBMBreastsFlatten
  • PBMBreastsHangForward
  • PBMBreastsImplant
  • PBMBreastsLarge
  • PBMBreastsNatural
  • PBMBreastsPerk
  • PBMBreastsSize
  • PBMNipples
  • PBMNipplesDepth
  • PBMNipplesHeight

Head-Adjust Morphs

  • Show-Ears
  • Ears-Big
  • Antenna-Gone
  • Antenna-Up
  • Cap-Bullet
  • Jaw-Up-Down
  • Jaw-Wide
  • Throat-Down
  • Hide-Crown
  • Hide-Top
  • Temples-In-Out
  • Hide-Hands

Material List


  • Glow-Blue
  • Glow-Cyan
  • Glow-Green
  • Glow-Orange
  • Glow-Purple
  • Glow-Red
  • Glow-White
  • Glow-Yellow


  • Black-White
  • Blue-Gray
  • Cream
  • Green-Brown
  • Green-Blue
  • Gray-Blue
  • Gray
  • Red-Orange
  • White-Gray
  • White-Red
  • Orange-Black
  • Orange-Brown


  • Metal-Blue-Green
  • Metal-Cream-Gold
  • Metal-Gold-Red
  • Metal-Pink
  • Metal-Silver
  • Metal-Silver-Blue

Visibility Poses

  • !!V4-Hide-All
  • !!V4-Show-All
  • !V4-Show Hands
  • Hide Fingers Gloves
  • Show Fingers Gloves

    Additional Notes:

    Please Note DAZ Studio testing only done in DS 4.6

    I have provided Visibility Poses to hide the Body parts underneath, This will eliminate all possibilities
    of poke through so please use them as the vents poke inwards and will expose the skin in certain poses.I've also done a Hide/Show Gloves this combines both the Hide-Hands and Finger Visibility so it's best to use this if you intend to hide the gloves.

    For lighting of the Metal materials I would suggest using IDL STUDIO 2 by Colm & Syyd as they have been optimized to use with this product. If you are using another light set you may have to adjust the Alternate_Diff Diffuse node value the brighten or darken the material. For Poser PP2014 users there is a Unimesh version and you may want to dial up the Sud-Div level to suit your needs. Cyber-Hair not included !

    Product Details:

    Poser Version: Poser 9+
    Daz Studio: Daz Studio 4.5
    Zip Files: 4
    Date Added: Jul 23, 2013

    Product requirements

    Victoria 4.2

    Compatible figures: 
    V4 Clothing for Daz Studio and Poser