Toon Transport - Cars

Toon Transport - Cars

This is a fully featured Mimic-compatible poseable toon car figure! With loads of character, this car can be used as a stand-alone character, or as a mode of transport. This package includes a whole stack of texures and props to make this the best value for money toon car package around!

Compatible 3D Software
DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
  • Fully Mimic Compatible (includes custom Mimic configuration file).
  • More than 30 moving parts (including rack-and-pinion steering).
  • Master dials for advanced roll and tilt movements.
  • Realistic features like windows that wind down when the window winders are operated.
  • 39 face morphs for ultimate personality.
  • Size morph to raise and lower roof.
  • 9 seperate car textures.
  • 9 Poser 4 MAT poses
  • 9 additional P6 material settings.
  • Police Light and Taxi Sign conforming props.
  • *** Check out the tutorial at 3D Universe to learn how to make the lights glow.
Vehicles for Daz Studio and Poser