Pathblazer SUV

Pathblazer SUV

A fully-featured SUV for use in Poser. Includes opening doors, rotating wheels, steerable front wheels, opening trunk, flat tire morphs, and multiple color options. Compatible with Poser only.

The Pathblazer Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) was developed as an all-terrain vehicle for use with the Poser people. The rear space is large enough to accommodate all sizes of cargo... and the rear seats can be hidden for even more room.

This vehicle is available in a wide variety of colors: black, black, and black. Just kidding, of course: this SUV includes black, white, red paint schemes and maybe more.

Due to the manufacturer`s warranty policy, it is not recommended that you take this vehicle off-road for any reason. We recommend you stay on paved streets as much as possible.

What's Included & Features:

  • Models(.OBJ, .CR2)
    • Pathblazer SUV at 105,656 polygons with extra detailing:
      • Modelled interior includes window controls on the doors.
      • Steering wheel includes cruise-control switches.
      • Center console includes dials and GPS navigation screen.
    • An ERC dial on the BODY rotates all four wheels.
    • Steering wheel is turnable, and an ERC dial on the BODY affects both the front wheels and steering wheel.
    • Rear trunk can open and close, with an ERC dial on the BODY.
    • Right and left front and rear doors can open and close, with an ERC dial on the BODY.
    • Right and left mirrors (on the doors) can rotate.
    • The seats are separate parts:
      • Front seats can move forward and backward to accommodate the various Poser figures.
      • Rear seats can be hidden and shown (with an included pose file) for extra storage space.
    • Front license plate can be hidden or shown, depending on the needs of your scene.
    • The hood does not open and there is no engine.
  • Morphs
    • All four wheels include a "Flat Tire" morph to simulate a flat tire.
  • Textures
    • Five textures/ MAT poses:
      • Dark Blue
      • Black/ Dark Gray
      • Gold/ Silver
      • Red
      • White
    • Four textures/ MAT poses for the license plates:
      • Maryland
      • Michigan
      • Ontario
      • New York
    • Also includes corresponding displacement maps to simulate raised lettering on the plates.
      • Displacement mapping adds extra realism as the plate-lettering is three-dimensional.
    • The license plate is mapped the same as our other cars and trucks, which means you can use those textures on this model.
    • Bump map on the tires create tread detailing.
    • Accurately reflecting mirrors.
    • Templates for all materials included and materials are color-coded.
  • Hide/ Show Poses
    • Hide/ show front license plate
    • Hide/ show rear seats
    • Sunroof open/ closed
SKU 10596
Genre Contemporary Jeep
Compatible Software Poser 6+
Release Date Aug 11, 2014
Vehicles for Poser and Daz Studio