Anhanguera (meaning "old devil") is a genus of pterodactyloid pterosaur known from the Lower-Cretaceous (110 mya) of Brazil. This pterosaur is closely related to Ornithocheirus, and belongs in the family Ornithocheiridae within its own subfamily, Anhanguerinae. Anhanguera was a fish-eating creature with a wingspan of 4-5 m (13-17 ft).

What's Included and Features

  • Anhanguera (.CR2)
    • 2 Material Options
  • Poses
    • 7 Full Pose Options
    • Reset Poses
      • Reset All
      • Reset Eyes
      • Reset Fingers L
      • Reset Fingers R
      • Reset Legs R
      • Reset Legs L
      • Reset Neck
      • Reset Tail
      • Reset Wing L
      • Reset Wing R
  • Textures Include:
    • 3 Texture Maps (4096 x 4096)
  • Poser Material Presets (.PZ2)


  • This product includes:
    • 1 Poser Core Installer

Compatible Figures:


Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.9, DAZ Studio, Poser

Install Types:

Install Manager, Manual Install

3D models for Daz Studio and Poser