Character Creator 3 - Standalone

Character Creator 3 - Standalone

Character Creator 3 (CC3) is a full character creation solution for designers to easily create, import and customize character assets. Unique character designs are created through the use of shape morphs, outfits with clothing containing your own fabric designs, quad-based mesh, subdivision with InstaLOD, motion capture enabled characters for body and face animation, and Iray rendering.

Poser and Daz users can connect their content into one unified system for 3D character generation, animation, rendering, and game design for Unity and Unreal.

Transform, morph, mix and blend Daz, Poser and Hivewire characters into Character Creator. Optimize the characters and assets for animation, games, VR and AR. Owners of Daz content libraries can even extend their use into the Reallusion character creation and animation system.

Design unlimited character shapes, apply and conform clothing with the multi-layered outfit system to any body shape. The authentic one-mesh CC 3D Characters are designed for versatile body morphs. Besides applying basic figure shapes from the preset library you may also further adjust the body, or individual parts such as: Head, Torso, Chest, Waist, Arm, Hand, Leg and Foot.

Expand the unique character morphs, outfits, hair, accessories, dynamic materials by importing models and characters from other libraries. Use OBJ models from external clothing assets to import and transfer the skin-weights from CC3 clothing templates. Refine surfaces of clothing after using the Edit mesh, and the push-and-pull brush tools.

Refine the auto-skinned cloth with a spectrum of weight editing tools that support vertex weight assignment and weight painting. Flexible smooth brush, brush projection modes, and mirror editing brush options.

Character Creator 3 is the fast way to get fully-rigged, clothed 3D characters for your animated projects with facial expression and lip-sync capabilities. Export 3D characters in FBX format with selected motion files, animate, and render them in your 3D tools. Multiple FBX profiles are supported to suit different 3D tools.

Character Creator 3 is introducing a new Game Character Base with its topology optimized for Mobile, Game, AR/VR developers. The 10K polygon base also answers the call for displaying massive amount of NPCs or Citizens with true-to-life body and facial animation without serious performance drop in real-time render. The InstaLOD integration makes CC3 an unmatched game character design platform, fulfilled the complete character pipeline on polygon reduction, materials merge, texture baking, remeshing and LOD generation.

Character Creator with visuals for industry standard PBR shaders allows users to import PBR textures made with 3D paint tools like Substance Painter, 3D Coat, or Quixel. Users can now export their Character Creator assets to iClone 7, Unreal, Unity, or Sketchfab with the same PBR visual quality. Character Creator also supports real-time mesh illumination for Indirect lighting using NVIDIA Voxel GI technology. All this plus the ability to use real-time Ambient Occlusion (AO), High-Dynamic Range (HDR), tone map, and blooming effects for that extra dazzle in displayed content.

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This package includes:
Character Creator 3 Pipeline

3D Models for Daz Studio and Poser