Legendary: Deer Babies

Legendary: Deer Babies

Deep in the forest dwell the fairy Deer. Graceful and swift they move silently to the green shadows. Entice one one of these adorable fawns to join your renders with this set of textures for LittleFox's Unicorn Baby.


2 detailed textures for The Unicorn Baby plus textures for the mane, and tail to tempt your Unicorn Baby to be even more legendarily cute.

Product Includes:

High quality textures and MAT poses for the Unicorn, mane, tail, feathers and beard.

Fawn1 and Fawn 2

MAT files:

  • .mc6 files for Poser 9+
  • .duf files for Daz Studio

Additional Notes:

Figure not included. These textures are for the Unicorn Baby and will not fit the Unicorn or Unicorn Youth
Please note: the "Horn Off" MAT pose will make the horn invisible. To make it visible again, apply the desired unicorn MAT pose.

Poser Version: 9+
Daz Studio: 4.6+
Zip Files: 2 zip files (9.3Mb, 9.1Mb)
Date Added: May 2, 2014

Product requirements

Littlefox's The Unicorn Baby

Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Daz Studio and Poser