Pro-7 Upgrade from Pro-6

Pro-7 Upgrade from Pro-6

**IMPORTANT NOTE: YOU MUST QUALIFY FOR THIS UPGRADE WITH YOUR PRO-6 REGISTRATION KEY. Your registration key can be found in "My Account" purchase history. PLEASE EMAIL us at with your full name and email that you used to register with if you cannot find your version 6 registration key, or have any problems trying to upgrade.

New Additional Payment Option - NOW PRO-7 can be used with a Pay-as-you-go monthly Subscription for only $8.95 a month and $5.95 setup fee. See all the subscription benefits or sign-up today at

Trial Versions can be downloaded at:
For WIN:
For MAC:

Same Key Features as Version 6
• High-resolution texture painting - (utilizing 64-bit technology) System RAM and CPU power are the only limiting factors. In other words, it does not depend on your 3D video card capabilities.
• Stacked Image Layers - just like your favorite 2D paint application! Create any number of layers, change the blending modes and strengths for ultimate texture compositions.
• Chisel Deformers - sculpt your models on the fly using Blacksmith3D's powerful new chisel deformers. Just like paint brushes, you can apply swift strokes in the viewport to bulge, smooth, flatten, sharpen and contour details that you never thought were possible. The Contour chisel is especially powerful, as it allows you to simply draw curves on the surface, automatically pulling in the surrounding vertices, creating detail where it was previously not possible.
• Real-time displacement/bump map painting and rendering. Paint directly on the displacement and/or bump maps and see the result in real time. What you see is what you get, since there is no need to bake your maps. Every brush stroke is immediately applied to the maps.
• Auto-UV Mapping – use the Paint Setup Wizard to auto-UV just about any object file with a single click. Ideally used with high-resolution textures and with renderers that do not blur or rescale the textures to preserve the texture around the UV seams.
• Presets - Store tools, viewports and brush tiling as presets for rapid reuse during projects.
• Custom Hotkeys – simply right click on most interface elements to bind them to a hotkey on-the-fly.

But Now Also Includes:
- Get NEW Hair Creation and Editing tools -
There is an all new Hair tab for tools to create hair from scratch or to edit and existing hair model. Import hair models in multiple file formats (obj, fbx, cr2, pp2, hr2, and duf) as long as they are transmapped and not dynamic. The hair is created and edited using an industry standard for 3D hair, which is based on two main elements.
• A skull cap, or growth surface, which serves as a foundation for hair to grow out of (scalp).
• And Hair Strands. Create flat, rectangular strands, which use a combination of transparency and color maps to give the illusion of several individual hairs. A hair piece can be created from scratch, given the raw geometry used for the growth surface. Also, an existing hair piece can be edited as it is, or have additional strands added to it.

- Auto Pressure -
For users that do not use a drawing tablet, and for creating special effects like small hairs on a surface, the Auto Pressure feature can vary the simulated pressure for each paint stroke. To create a hair effect, the Auto Pressure Midpoint may be set to a small value like 5%, to create a fatter base and a thinner tip.

- Stroke Smoothing -
Stroke smoothing will automatically smooth out the path of the paint stroke to give a curvier effect. This will dramatically decrease "jitters" in the paint stroke that may be due to painting with a mouse or other pointing device that does not offer the natural motion of a stylus.

- Optimized Painting Speed -
Painting speed has been optimized for overall speed, and to reduce bottlenecks/lag when applying paint strokes to multiple high-resolution textures.

- Templates -
Export and import subsets of your project using Templates. Templates can be customized specifically for your workflow. Examples of what can be stored templates.
• Complete character setups - Apply your own custom default settings for any character simply by importing the template. May include default textures, morphs, display groups, presets, etc.
• Image Map Layers - Create a template that stores only certain layers that can be reused in other projects.
• Morphs - Create templates for common morphs that will be reused often.
• Hair - Create templates for starting your hair projects, including custom growth surfaces, hair textures, etc.
• Almost anything that exists in a Blacksmith3D project can be stored and reused in a template.

- Material Sets Auto-Assign -
Auto-assign image maps to all materials that share the same map for standard commercial figures (like Genesis figures, Dusk/Dawn, or V4/M4, etc). So if you assign a map to the material "Face", you will be prompted to automatically assign the same map to all other materials in that set like the lips, nostrils, mouth, etc.

- Fixed Assets: Content Management -
Assets imported from your content libraries can now be stored as Fixed Assets in Blacksmith3D. This means that instead of saving and loading the data in every Blacksmith3D project and/or template file, they can be reloaded from their original file location instead. This makes project and template files much smaller, and faster to save. Examples of items that are good candidates for fixed assets are.
• Geometry files such as standard characters. ( e.g. Genesis characters from DAZ )
• Texture maps that are used for display, but not being edited.

Fixed assets are especially useful when creating templates since the template can be redistributed to other users without transferring items that may be protected by copyright, etc. The end user will need to have those fixed assets installed in their content folders.

- Import ABR Brush Files
Import ABR files to use as brush tips. Please note the following requirements.
• ABR version must be 6.1 or 6.2 • Only bitmap based brushes are supported
• Not all attributes of the brush are preserved due to compatibility reasons.

- Texture Transformer Version 2.0 -
Texture Transformer (TTv2) has received a major upgrade. Skin textures can now be converted using cr2, duf, pz2 or mc6 files AND without having to first save the texture(s) to the original/source figure (you must still own the original/source figure for TTv2 to be able to find it in your 'runtime' path). Also, we have added batch input/source files to batch output/destination files to subfolder paths that you specific, which is perfect for vendors updating their character packs. Finally, the TTv2 packs are now distributed as files, instead of a folder containing multiple files. This makes managing your collection much easier and hopefully will reduce confusion when updating your software. Please remember that TTv2 is only available in the standalone version or in Blacksmith3D PRO-7, and not available in the Standard versions. A couple of the male conversions now also include an option for anatomy transformations. However, due to the way G2 and G3 have a hip replacement, the anatomy conversions only serve as a good starting point for the texture maps and will likely need some manual touch-up in your 2d application.

Please also note that if you have already bought any of the add-on packs, you do not need to buy new add-on packs. The add-on packs already in our store have the new TT v2 packs on them. Please be careful to get only the ones that start with ' TTv2 ' since the old packs are also there (for the people who may not upgrade).

The 3D Painting is fully loaded with features to give the artist precision, power, and sophisticated drawing and detailing tools. Unlike any other 3D painting or 3D morphing solution, Blacksmith3D offers direct integration with Poser and DazStudio products with OBJ/CR2 import/export and PP2/DUF import abilities along with its MAT and MOR exporting capabilities.

The morphing tools feature a set of Chisel & Hammer tools, which allows the artist to sculpt fine detail or make big changes. Optimized to work with existing model topology, these tools enable the artist to carve details where it was previously not possible with simple brush strokes. For example, the Contour Chisel allows the artist to simply draw curves and the model's surface conforms to that shape. Carve new detail where you never thought possible. This whole new class of tools makes Blacksmith3D a massively powerful and intuitive morphing solution. Blacksmith3D's morphing functionality utilizes Soft Selections allowing you to deform objects in a very intuitive way. The hotter portions of the object deform the most and the cooler parts deform the least. In this way, you can easily create smooth and continuous morphs, with little effort.

Have a background object that needs texturing? Hate UV mapping. use the “Paint Setup Wizard” to automatically UV map the object with the click of a button, paint a quick texture and drop it into your scene. This entire process can be done in under 2 minutes ( see tutorial videos )! Don’t waste time manually UV mapping background objects and props. Click a button and keep going!

Prefer to paint in Photoshop or GIMP, but want true 3D painting capabilities? Use the “Projection Brush” to create high resolution “snapshots” and paint directly on them in your 2D application of choice. Reload the snapshot into Blacksmith3D and apply the changes. Works across UV seams and map boundaries naturally!

Software Compatibility

Blacksmith3D is compatible with 3D Studio Max, Maya, Lightwave, Cinema 4D, Photoshop, Poser, Daz Studio, or any applications that can import and export .obj files and use standard texture maps (jpg, png, etc.).

Minimum recommended operating systems are;
- Windows XP (Yes, the software is Vista, Widows 7 and 8 compatible, 32 & 64 bit )
- Mac OS 10.6, 64 bit. Mac OS 10.5 (or less) is NOT supported

Hardware Compatibility

Here we provide a general guideline for the minimum hardware requirements. The true requirements will depend upon the nature of your projects (low vs. high-resolution models and maps) and your personal expectations as far as performance is concerned.

- Open GL 1.1 compatible video card (most modern NVidia, ATI, and Intel GPUs supported.)
- Drawing Tablet support (optional)
- Optimized for Multi-Core Processors (Sweet!)
- Minimum 1 GHz CPU recommended
- 1 GB of RAM or more recommended, depending on usage. When editing high-resolution texture maps (e.g. 4000×4000), 8 GB of RAM or more is recommended for optimal performance.

For education and product support, we have video tutorials available at and an official Blacksmith3D forum at

3D Models for Daz Studio and Poser