Tempestad: Lightning generator

Tempestad: Lightning generator

Tempestad plugin is a physically inspired lightning simulator for DAZ Studio.
Any geometric object in the scene can function as an obstacle to the trajectories. You choose the starting point and the target. Guide the path of the lightning bolts by using way-points.

You can create animated or static lightning bolts and electric arcs, or even corals, plants, roots, and other similar natural phenomena.

Tempestad is Windows 64 bits and macOS 64 bits compatible.

Included in this package:

* 8 example scenes.
* 8 Iray Shader Presets, and 4 Delight Shader Presets
* 2 Render settings Iray
* 1 User's manual
* 1 Installer for Windows 64 bits
* 1 Plugin installation package for MacOS 64 bits

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