The Unicorn: Baby

The Unicorn: Baby

Do you long for the innocence touched by magic's own breath?
Do you hunger for the charm of a baby's first step?
Do you desire a beauty that only a newborn can claim?
You have found her.
Breath life into the newborn glory of the Unicorn and bring her into your Runtime Reality with this product from the combined talents of Littlefox and Daio!


The Unicorn Baby is a freshly crafted character adding yet another facet to the Unicorn's legacy.

This little one is stand alone and specially crafted both for DS and Poser, each with their own rigging and materials support. Newly crafted to match her mother and older sister's style, this baby carries the charms of her elders with all the beautiful awkwardness of a baby. Her body can take some of her mother and older sister's poses, though some adjustments may be needed, and she can wear her mother and sister's hair textures. However her mapping is all her own to insure her charms are untouched by stretch marks.

As with her mother, she makes use of the advanced weight-mapping of both DS and Poser. However, she is not a morph of her mother! Her joints have been painstakingly tailored to her exact proportions for flawless movement and grace, preserving her elegant lines as a morph could not.

Truly, she is a tiny version of her mother's majesty, with just enough cute to soften any heart.

Product Includes:

Poser Version: (Poser 9 (2012) or above only!)

  • the Unicorn Baby (weight mapped cr2 and obj)
  • Baby Mane (cr2 and obj)
  • Baby Tail (cr2 and obj)
  • Daio's BABY! White Unicorn Textures to match her Mother's
  • White Materials for the entire set (mc6)
  • 2 sample body poses for the Baby to match her Mother's

Daz Studio Version (DS version 4.5 or higher):

  • the Unicorn Baby(Triax version .duf files)
  • Baby Mane (.duf)
  • Baby Tail (.duf)
  • Daio's BABY! White Unicorn Textures to match her Mother's
  • UberSurface Mats for the Baby.
  • 2 sample body poses for the Baby to match her Mother's

Additional Notes:

  • COMPLETE FIGURE! You do not have to purchase her mother to make her work!

    She has a completely new UVmap and Mesh to keep her smooth, stretch free and perfect.
  • The Baby can use her mother's and sister's poses, but some adjustments will be necessary.
  • Each piece has been individually and
    specially rigged. No automatic converters with chancy results are relied upon to make the fits for you, these were fine tuned to work
    flawlessly for each system supported.
  • Poses for the Unicorn work in both DS and Poser! Compatibility insured on both parts.
  • Credits: Mild Boreal Lights by FKStudios, AS-Big Rock (minus the rock) by AerySoul.

Product Details:

Poser Version: Poser 9+ (2012 or higher)
Daz Studio: Daz Studio 4.5+
Zip Files: 2 Zip Files
Date Added: May 2, 2014
Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Daz Studio and Poser