Between Laugh & Cry - Expressions G9

Between Laugh & Cry - Expressions G9

Do you remember to have been in a situation to have that feeling not to know if you need to laugh or to cry?
Maybe your feelings were just a bit confused and your emotions are somewhere in between Laugh and Cry.
With the expressions in this package you can let your Genesis 9 characters express these emotions too.
You can use the full presets to apply the expressions, or use the Sliders (Dials) to change strength and/or mix expressions to create your own.

With the included Morphing TEARS attachment, you can give Genesis 9 that extra special effect when you need it.
Apply the tears on any G9 character you like. It will follow the shape of your characters head.
With the included 4 morphsliders you can change the tears to make them a bit different.

You can mix, match or finetune every "Between Laugh & Cry" expression to your needs with the included Morph-Sliders.
All expressions were made with much care and tweaked to be slightly asymmetric for mor realism.

Included presets:
27 Expression one-click Presets : 15 Full Expressions + 12 Mixed presets + RESET All
8 Presets for Eye-movement Only + Pupils Wide + RESET
1 Apply TEARS (Attachment) + 5 Tear-Morph-Presets + RESET
1 Default Shader for the Tears. (You can apply any shader to the included tears. No textures are needed)

15 Morph-Sliders for the Expressions
(You can find the expression-sliders under Tab Parameters > Genesis 9 > Pose Controls > Head > Expressions > Between Laugh & Cry )
4 Morph-Sliders for TEARS

The expressions will not change your pose. It will only change the facial expression.
No character, hair, clothing, or textures are included.

PROMO credits: Viva Daisy Hair (Sonada ), DM Upclose (For Lights and Background only), G8M DFaZhion(DZheng), Talomo Hair (RPublishing), dForce Erin Holiday Dress for G8F (@DAZ), Pop Star Outfit and Hair for G8M (@DAZ)

DAZ Studio 4.21 (Needed for Genesis 9)

Compatible figures: Genesis 9

Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio