Circe for Genesis 8 Females

Circe for Genesis 8 Females

Named after the Greek sorceress of legend Circe that was able to change humans into animals, this fantasy set of morphs adds to the amazing versatility of Genesis Female 8 and 8.1. As a bridge between some of DAZ iconic library of animal and creature figures like the DAZ Eagle, the DAZ Big Cat, the DAZ Horse and the DAZ Reptilians Full Body Morph for Genesis 2 Male that never had a female version.

The set of morphs is mainly theriocephalic, concentrating on the head as animal but including 3 voluptuous body morphs and lower body two toe morphs. It also includes a faerie head face morph, a female troll and separate animal ears that can be used with a regular human face and morphs that help to get rid of human features like the lips, nose, ears, breasts and others. To give a more bestial fantasy look to the extremities two toe morphs are included for the legs and 3 and 4 finger hands, avoiding the use of geo-graft to allow for compatibility with poses.

Use this set by itself as a shapeshifter tool, a transformation bridge from human into any of the iconic DAZ animals or in combination with any other DAZ or PA animal character set of morphs or textures to customize your character and make it your own.
Morphs included in "Shaping" tab:

Body Troll
Body Voluptuous 1
Body Voluptuous 2
Body Voluptuous 3

Ears Cat
Ears Cow
Ears Horse
Ears No Ears

Face Big Eyes
Face Bigger Eyes
Face Faerie
Face No Lips
Face No Nose
Face Nose Flat

Head Bird 1
Head Bird 2
Head Cat 1
Head Cat 2
Head Horse
Head Beast
Head Reptilian
Head Scale

Legs Big Legs Two Toes
Legs Thin Shins Two Toes

Hand 3 Fingers
Hand 4 Fingers
Hand Big Hand 4 Fingers
Hand Claws

Chest Flat Chest

Correctives morphs for eyes and mouth for the extreme animal morphs included in this set.

Software: DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Requirements:  Textures NOT included.

Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio