Classic Denim Value Stack

Classic Denim Value Stack

Get four beautiful texture add-ons from CWRW for some of Dawn and Dusk's favorite comfy clothing and save! Compatible with Poser and DAZ Studio

With denims for Dusk's Bomber Jacket, Dusk's Skinny Jeans and Dawn's Skinny Jeans, teamed with beautiful options for Dusk's Universal Boots, Dawn's Universal Boots, and the HiveWire 3D Cowboy Hat, Dusk and Dawn will be ready for action!!

CWRW Classic Denims for the HiveWire 3D Bomber Jacket

These high resolution, high detail set of denim jackets require Dusk's Bomber Jacket and are optimized to "match" and work flawlessly with the CWRW Classic Denims for Dusk Skinny Jeans for a complete Denim look. Includes options such as ripped elbows, fleece lining, no sleeves, 3 Shirt options and Leather Wristbands for the cuffs for a Biker look.

Also included in the ReadMe fie are tips & suggestions for how to apply the Jacket morphs to make a classic denim jacket and vest.

What's Included & Features

  • Jacket Texture Options - mix and match (.mc6, .duf)
    • Jacket Biker
    • Leather Wristbands (for the Biker "look")
    • Sleeveless (Vest)
    • Jacket Classic
    • Jacket Classic Ripped
    • Jacket Cowboy
    • Jacket Cowboy Ripped
    • Fleece Lining (option for the Cowboy "look")
  • Shirt Texture Options (.mc6, .duf)
    • Shirt White
    • Shirt None
    • Shirt Dirty
  • Texture Maps (.jpg)
    • 4096x4096 Jean Jacket Maps
    • 4096x4096 Transparency, Normals and Displacement Maps


CWRW Classic Denim for Dawn & Dusk Skinny Jeans

Bring the classic denim looks of the 50s, 60s and 70s, as well as the classic cowboy/cowgal jeans look to your Skinny Jeans with these photo-based, realistic textures. These high resolution, high detail set of jeans require Dusk's Skinny Jeans and/or Dawn's Skinny Jeans.

For ease of use, the MATS are included in both Dawn and Dusk's Skinny Jeans folders.

What's Included & Features

  • Material files-custom and optimized (.mc6, .duf)
    • Jeans Options
      • Classic
      • Cowboy
      • Cowboy Ripped
      • Cowboy Cut Offs
      • Hippie
      • Hippie Ripped
      • Hippie Cut Offs
      • Pegged
      • Rolled Up
    • Belt Options
      • Cowboy 1
      • Cowboy 2
      • Cowboy 3
      • Hippie
      • Black Leather
      • Red Leather
  • Texture Maps (.jpg)
    • Included Maps
      • 3000x3000 Jeans Maps
      • 3000x3000 Belt Maps
      • 3000x3000 Transparency Maps
      • 3000x3000 Bump Maps


    CWRW Textures for Universal Boots

    22 fun and detailed new textures for Dawn and Dusk's Universal Boots - from down on the ranch to city chic! Add pizazz to your Dawn and Dusk Universal Boots renders!

    Requires Dusk's Universal Boots and/or Dawn's Universal Boots.

    For ease of use, the MATS are included in both Dawn and Dusk's Universal Boots folders.

    What's Included & Features

    • Material files (.mc6, .duf)
      • 22 Options
        • Boot Black Blue
        • Boot Black Brown
        • Boot Black Burgundy Floral
        • Boot Black Floral
        • Boot Black Gold
        • Boot Black Red
        • Boot Black Tan Burgundy
        • Boot Black Tan Leopard
        • Boot Black Tan Tooled
        • Boot Black Tan
        • Boot Blue Burgundy
        • Boot Brown Snakeskin
        • Boot Brown Tan
        • Boot Exotic
        • Boot Grey Ivory
        • Boot Red Black Grey
        • Boot Red Snakeskin
        • Boot Red Tan Paisley
        • Boot Tan Cream
        • Boot Tan Tooled 1
        • Boot Tan Tooled 2
        • Boot Tan Tooled 3
    • Texture Maps (.jpg)
      • 4096x4096 Boot Maps
      • 4096x4096 Spec and Bump Maps


    CWRW Classic Hats for the HiveWire 3D Cowboy Hat

    Bring the classic Cowboy and Adventurer looks to your Cowboy Hat with these photo-based, realistic textures. This high resolution, high detail set of hats requires the HiveWire 3D Cowboy Hat.

    What's Included & Features

    • Hat Colors/Styles (.duf.,mc6)
      • Classic Australian Cowboy- Khaki Green
      • Classic Australian Cowboy- Khaki Tan
      • Classic American Cowboy- White Woven
      • Classic American Cowboy- Dress White Felt
      • Classic American Cowboy- Dress Cream Felt
      • Classic Adventurer- Dark Leather
    • Leather Hatband Options (.duf.,mc6)
      • 3 Black Hatband styles
      • 2 Brown Hatband styles
      • 1 Tan Hatband style
    • High Resolution Texture Maps (.jpg)
    • 3000x3000 Hat Maps
    • 3000x3000 Hatband Maps
    • 3000x3000 Transparency, Bump and Displacement Maps
SKU 11104
Genre Contemporary
Compatible Figures Dawn Special Edition, Dusk
Compatible Software DAZ Studio 4.5+, Poser 9+
Release Date Nov 6, 2015
Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio