CWRW Dapple Grey for the Hivewire Horse

CWRW Dapple Grey for the Hivewire Horse

CWRW brings the classic and stunning look of the Dapple Grey to the HiveWire Horse. Great for the HiveWire Horse Breed Morphs and the Toon Horse as well, the Dapple Grey can also be used to make your own Andalusian Horse. Compatible with Poser and DAZ Studio

A high resolution, high detail set of coat, manes, and tails for the HiveWire Horse. New to our Ultra textures are high resolution spec and bump maps to give a vibrant and rich look. This set can be used with ANY HiveWire Horse product, including the HiveWire Horse, HiveWire Foal, 3D Universe Toon Horse and more. Also includes an adapted "Toon Eye" for the Toon Horse.

What's Included & Features

  • Material Files (custom and optimized) (duf, mc6)
    • Dapple Grey "Skin"
    • Dapple Grey Long and Short Manes and Tails
    • Dapple Grey Foal Mane and Tail (short tail)
  • Texture Maps
    • 6000x6000 Skin Map
    • 4000x4000 Mane and Tail Maps
    • Transparency, Spec and Bump Maps

Minimum required version of Poser: 9
Minimum required version of DAZ Studio: 4.6

Compatible Figures HiveWire Horse
Compatible Software DAZ Studio 4.6+, Poser 9+
Release Date Jul 13, 2015
Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio