Dwarf Morphs For Genesis 3 Female

Dwarf Morphs For Genesis 3 Female

Dwarf morphs morphs for Genesis 3 Female is a package of 106 individually sculpted partial morphs of the dwarfs. Almost endless possibillities of this ultimate dwarf package. Inside:

Dwarf Arms Scale.dsf
Dwarf Body Belly 01...05.dsf
Dwarf Body Female.dsf
Dwarf Body Fit 01...05.dsf
Dwarf Body Skinny 01...05.dsf
Dwarf Chin 01...10.dsf
Dwarf Ears 01...10.dsf
Dwarf Elbow 02.dsf
Dwarf Elbow Size.dsf
Dwarf Eyes 01...05.dsf
Dwarf Face 01...10.dsf
Dwarf Foot 01...10.dsf
Dwarf Forearm Scale.dsf
Dwarf General Body Proportions.dsf
Dwarf Hands 01...10 (Scale).dsf
Dwarf Head Size.dsf
Dwarf Neck 01...05.dsf
Dwarf Nose 01...10.dsf
Dwarf Shins Big.dsf
Dwarf Shins Scale.dsf
Dwarf Shins Short.dsf
Dwarf Shins Size.dsf
Dwarf Shins Volume.dsf
Dwarf Thigh Shape 01...05.dsf

Body 01...10.duf
Body ZERO.duf
Head 01...10.duf
Head ZERO.duf

NOTICE: Morph "Dwarf General Body Proportions" is saved with ERC freeze option so most poses work OK, but if you want to use arm or shins etc. scaling you must save new project with ERC by yourself.

Software: Daz Studio 4

Compatible figures: Genesis 3 Female

Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio