Elf Creator for Genesis 3 Male

Elf Creator for Genesis 3 Male

Elf Creator for Genesis 3 Male is a package of 65 individually sculpted body parts of the elfs, please see promo images. Inside:

Elf Body 01.dsf
Elf Body 02.dsf
Elf Body 03.dsf
Elf Body 04.dsf
Elf Body 05.dsf
Elf Body 06.dsf
Elf Body 07.dsf
Elf Body 08.dsf
Elf Body 09.dsf
Elf Body 10.dsf
Elf Body 11.dsf
Elf Body 12.dsf
Elf Body 13.dsf
Elf Body 14.dsf
Elf Body 15.dsf
Elf Body 16.dsf
Elf Body 17.dsf
Elf Body 18.dsf
Elf Body 19.dsf
Elf Body 20.dsf
Elf Ear 01.dsf
Elf Ear 02.dsf
Elf Ear 03.dsf
Elf Ear 04.dsf
Elf Ear 05.dsf
Elf Ear 06.dsf
Elf Ear 07.dsf
Elf Ear 08.dsf
Elf Ear 09.dsf
Elf Ear 10.dsf
Elf Ear 11.dsf
Elf Ear 12.dsf
Elf Ear 13.dsf
Elf Ear 14.dsf
Elf Ear 15.dsf
Elf Ear 16.dsf
Elf Ear 17.dsf
Elf Ear 18.dsf
Elf Ear 19.dsf
Elf Ear 20.dsf
Elf Face 001.dsf
Elf Face 002.dsf
Elf Face 003.dsf
Elf Face 004.dsf
Elf Face 005.dsf
Elf Face 006.dsf
Elf Face 007.dsf
Elf Face 008.dsf
Elf Face 009.dsf
Elf Face 010.dsf
Elf Face 011.dsf
Elf Face 012.dsf
Elf Face 013.dsf
Elf Face 014.dsf
Elf Face 015.dsf
Elf Nose 01.dsf
Elf Nose 02.dsf
Elf Nose 03.dsf
Elf Nose 04.dsf
Elf Nose 05.dsf
Elf Nose 06.dsf
Elf Nose 07.dsf
Elf Nose 08.dsf
Elf Nose 09.dsf
Elf Nose 10.dsf

Daz Studio 4

Compatible figures: Genesis 3 Male

Requirements:  DAZ Studio 4.8 and above, Poser not tested

Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio