Formations for Rock Collection

Formations for Rock Collection

Formations for Rock Collection takes your stones to greater heights! Contained are 51 different options for loading features of massive scale into your scenes. Each option comes with formations using medium and low resolution rocks for a total of 102 presets to make sure all your bases are covered!

Crags will allow your figures to climb above the clouds and Deep Caves will give them paths into the Earth. Mounds will provide easy solutions for rocky outcrops and Piles will incorporate man moved rubble. Shallow Caves will give your characters shelter and Terrains will keeping them looking to the horizon.

Every option makes use of Daz Studio's instancing system for quick, customizable results. Feel free to replace the instanced prop with other rocks from the collection for different looks. The possibilities are nearly endless as each preset was re-replicated with separate settings.

Also included is a preset for setting Iray's instancing mode to memory optimization. This can be very important depending on the scene and how many instances there are.

What's Included and Features

  • Formations for Rock Collection (.DUF)
  • Props:
    • Crag RockA50k
    • Crag RockA5k
    • Crag RockB50k
    • Crag RockB5k
    • Crag RockC50k
    • Crag RockC5k
    • Crag RockE50k
    • Crag RockE5k
    • Crag RockF50k
    • Crag RockF5k
    • Crag RockI50k
    • Crag RockI5k
    • Crag RockJ50k
    • Crag RockJ5k
    • Crag RockO50k
    • Crag RockO5k
    • Deep Cave RockA50k
    • Deep Cave RockA5k
    • Deep Cave RockB50k
    • Deep Cave RockB5k
    • Deep Cave RockC50k
    • Deep Cave RockC5k
    • Deep Cave RockE50k
    • Deep Cave RockE5k
    • Deep Cave RockF50k
    • Deep Cave RockF5k
    • Deep Cave RockN50k
    • Deep Cave RockN5k
    • Deep Cave RockP50k
    • Deep Cave RockP5k
    • Deep Cave RockV50k
    • Deep Cave RockV5k
    • Mound RockA50k
    • Mound RockA5k
    • Mound RockC50k
    • Mound RockC5k
    • Mound RockE50k
    • Mound RockE5k
    • Mound RockH50k
    • Mound RockH5k
    • Mound RockI50k
    • Mound RockI5k
    • Mound RockJ50k
    • Mound RockJ5k
    • Mound RockN50k
    • Mound RockN5k
    • Mound RockO50k
    • Mound RockO5k
    • Mound RockP50k
    • Mound RockP5k
    • Mound RockV50k
    • Mound RockV5k
    • Pile RockA50k
    • Pile RockA5k
    • Pile RockB50k
    • Pile RockB5k
    • Pile RockD50k
    • Pile RockD5k
    • Pile RockF50k
    • Pile RockF5k
    • Pile RockM50k
    • Pile RockM5k
    • Pile RockO50k
    • Pile RockO5k
    • Pile RockP50k
    • Pile RockP5k
    • Pile RockV50k
    • Pile RockV5k
    • Shallow Cave RockA50k
    • Shallow Cave RockA5k
    • Shallow Cave RockB50k
    • Shallow Cave RockB5k
    • Shallow Cave RockC50k
    • Shallow Cave RockC5k
    • Shallow Cave RockE50k
    • Shallow Cave RockE5k
    • Shallow Cave RockF50k
    • Shallow Cave RockF5k
    • Shallow Cave RockI50k
    • Shallow Cave RockI5k
    • Shallow Cave RockO50k
    • Shallow Cave RockO5k
    • Shallow Cave RockP50k
    • Shallow Cave RockP5k
    • Terrain RockA50k
    • Terrain RockA5k
    • Terrain RockC50k
    • Terrain RockC5k
    • Terrain RockE50k
    • Terrain RockE5k
    • Terrain RockF50k
    • Terrain RockF5k
    • Terrain RockI50k
    • Terrain RockI5k
    • Terrain RockJ50k
    • Terrain RockJ5k
    • Terrain RockM50k
    • Terrain RockM5k
    • Terrain RockN50k
    • Terrain RockN5k
    • Terrain RockP50k
    • Terrain RockP5k
  • Render Setting:
    • ! Memory Instancing Optimization
  • Optimized for Iray


  • This product includes:
    • 1 DSON Core Installer

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.9

Required Products:

Rock Collection - Real World Stones

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install

3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio