G3F Natural Hi & Private 2

G3F Natural Hi & Private 2

Natural Hi & Private 2, all new custom genitals and breasts for Genesis 3 Females!

The G3F genitalia prop is not required and was not used to create the genitalia.

For all G3F characters.

- 1 Click custom genitalia shapes + custom breast shapes + custom helpers for G3F


- 8 Genitalia
- 24 Breasts


- Create Nipples (large nipples)
- Create Nipples_2 (small nipples)
- Cleavage
- Push In
- Rotate In
- Smooth Up
- Up - Down
- Default Breasts
- Default Genitalia

~ Due to store policy the genitalia custom morphs are not shown in the promotional images above.~
To view them please copy and paste the following link into your browser (NUDITY):

- General:

The library thumbs and parameter dials are color coded and have small thumbs for easier access to whatever you want to choose.

Genesis 3 Female Body Morphs are not required because the content of this pack is totally custom.

The shape presets can be used with all Genesis3F characters and have been tested on many of them.
The morphs were created on G3F Base.

Characters with custom breast/genitalia morphs may not be compatible with the shape presets at 1. If so you can always use the
parameter dials and adjust or change as you want.

The Shapes do not need to be used at 1 necessarily. You can use the parameter dials to adjust the custom morphs, mix them and

Stacking ( injecting 2 shape presets at 1 on top of eachother) is possible but you may get unexpected results.

The helper morphs are zeroed by default. You will need to use the parameter dials to dial up/down the amount you want.


- The Genitalia:

Depending on the G3F character you use the genitalia may need adjusting using the parameter dials since some characters may have
genitalia morphs already in them.

Do not limit yourself to the shapes at 1.


- The Breasts:

The breasts can be used as an adjusting tool or as full breast morphs, it's up to you.
By mixing the breast presets, helpers and other breast dials you can obtain different breast shapes.

If you have the G3F body morphs and/or Natural Hi-Low & Private G3F you can dial in whatever you like to adjust the shape of the custom breasts. The variations are limitless.


- The Nipples

Not all breasts have nipples. The nipples: large (create nipples) and/or small (create nipples_2) are in the helpers to add as you



Genesis 3 Female included free in DAZ Studio 4.9
G3F Morphs are not required. The entire content is custom.


This package has been tested in DAZ studio 4.9


Please see Read me for details to get the most out of this product.

Rendered in DAZ Studio 4.9

No touch-ups.

The complete content is not shown in the promotional images above. Helpers have been used in a selection of images.

All the possible variations that can be made are too many to show.

Software:Daz Studio 4

Compatible figures: Genesis 3 Female

Requirements:  Genesis3Females

Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio