Helix 5 for Genesis 3 Female(s)

Helix 5 for Genesis 3 Female(s)

It's a little anime, it's a little sci-fi... it's Helix 5 for Aiko 7 and the Genesis 3 Female(s). This 8 piece outfit consists of a short bodysuit with deeply plunging front and back, thigh high sci-fi combat boots, a short bolero-style jacket, strappy belts, and fingerless gloves. Topped with an aviator style cap, nifty goggles and a laser whip, this outfit will look great in a variety of render themes.

Each piece of the outfit is available in 5 bold leather color schemes: Black, Red, White, Brown, and Spectrum. Spectrum is a white outfit with a decidedly sci-fi look to it, with a pearlescent metallic sheen and blue metal details. Each color scheme his it's own metal color, and colored jewels on the belt and colored glass on the goggles. Material presets are provided for both Iray and 3Delight renders.

Additionally, 13 color combination presets, mixing various elements of the 5 basic schemes, are included which will apply the combination theme to the entire outfit in a single click. Mixing and matching on your own is easy to do using the Surface Tab as well.

A plain white leather version is included, allowing you to tint the leather any color you can dream up, while still maintaining the leather look.The laser whip comes in 5 light colors, as well as a "no light" version, resembling braided leather.

Careful attention to the metal adornments on the belts minimizes distortion when posing, and 22 morphs are included to adjust the fit so that even non-supported characters will look good in the outfit.

The laser whip is fully posable, with 11 Pose Controls to help make posing the whip easier.

The aviator cap and goggles include morphs to adjust nearly every aspect of the fit so that they can be used with hair as well... some portions of the hair may need to be hidden to get the best look.

Helix 5 for Aiko 7 and Genesis 3 Females... it's a little futuristic and a little retro, but it's a lot of fun!

What's Included and Features

  • Helix 5 for Genesis 3 Female(s) (.DUF)
  • Aviator Cap
    • Morphs:
      • Adjust Ear Left
      • Adjust Ear Right
      • Adjust Forehead
      • Adjust Nape/Back
      • Adjust Temple Left
      • Adjust TempleRight
      • Cap Expand More for Hair
      • Cap Move Front Back/Fwd
      • Cheek Flap Left
      • Cheek Flap Right
      • Rotate Strap Back
      • Rotate Strap Forward
    • Pose Controls:
      • Strap Curl
      • Strap Side to Side
      • Strap Snapped To Chin
      • Strap Twist
  • Belts
    • Morphs:
      • Adjust Fit Buttocks Left
      • Adjust Fit Buttocks Right
      • Adjust Fit Front Left
      • Adjust Fit Front Right
      • Adjust Fit Outer Thigh Left
      • Adjust Fit Outer Thigh Right
      • Nudge Back/Forth Left
      • Nudge Back/Forth Right
      • Nudge Side/Side Left
      • Nudge Side/Side Right
      • Nudge Up/Down Left
      • Nudge Up/Down Right
      • Scale Thigh Belt Left
      • Scale Thigh Belt Right
      • Adjust Waist Back
      • Adjust Waist Front
      • Adjust Waist Left
      • Adjust Waist Right
      • Pouch Rotate Back/Fwd Left
      • Pouch Rotate Back/Fwd Right
      • Pouch Rotate In/Out Left
      • Pouch Rotate In/Out Right
  • Bodysuit
    • Morphs:
      • Breasts Cover More
      • Expand All
  • Boots
    • Morphs:
      • Expand Foot
  • Gloves
    • Morphs:
      • Expand All
  • Goggles
    • Morphs:
      • Goggles Down With Cap
      • Goggles Up - No Cap
      • Goggles Up - With Cap
      • Goggles Move In/Out
      • Goggles Move Back/Fwd
      • Goggles Move Up/Down
      • Goggles Scale Larger/Smaller
      • Nose Chain In/Out
      • Nose Chain Scale
      • Nose Chain Up/Down
      • Strap Adjust Back
      • Strap Adjust Left
      • Strap Adjust Right
      • Strap All Scale
      • Strap Rotate Up/Down
      • Strap Thin/Wide
  • Jacket
    • Morphs:
      • Back Adjust
      • Expand All
      • Left Lapel Adjust
      • Right Lapel Adjust
      • Side Adjust Left
      • Side Adjust Right
      • Sleeve Adjust Left
      • Sleeve Adjust Right
      • Sleeve Length Left
      • Sleeve Length Right
  • Whip
    • Preset Whip In Hand Left
    • Preset Whip In Hand Right
    • Preset Whip Unparented
    • Morphs:
      • Glow Bigger
    • Pose Controls (11 Total):
      • Bend Coil Full
      • Bend Coil Middle
      • Bend Coil Tip
      • Full Sine Wave
      • Rotate/Twist Whip at Base
      • S Curve Full
      • S Curve Middle
      • Side Coil Full
      • Side Coil Middle
      • Side Coil Tip
      • Whip Length
  • Supported Characters
    • Aiko 7
    • Bethany 7
    • Gia 7
    • Kalea 7
    • Karen 7
    • Mei Lin 7
    • Olympia 7
    • Rune 7
    • Victoria 7
    • The Girl 7
    • LY Gracie for Aiko 7
    • *All others supported by Autofit
  • 5 Basic Colors for Each Garment Piece
    • Black
    • Brown
    • Red
    • Spectrum
    • White
  • 13 Full Outfit Color Scheme Presets (Iray and 3Delight)
    • Full Outfit Black
    • Full Outfit Brown
    • Full Outfit Red
    • Full Outfit Spectrum
    • Full Outfit White
    • Black and Red
    • Black and White
    • Red and Black
    • Red and White
    • Spectrum 2
    • Spectrum 3
    • White and Black
    • White and Red
  • Textures Include:
    • 44 Texture, Normal and Reflection Maps (512 x 512 to 4096 x 4096)
    • Texture Templates available through the Product Library
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)
  • Daz Studio 3Delight Material Presets (.DUF)


  • This product includes:
    • 1 DSON Core Installer

Compatible Figures:

Genesis 3 Female, Aiko 7

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.9

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install

Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio