HiveWire Quarter Horse

HiveWire Quarter Horse

Minimum required version of Poser: 9 (11 for Superfly Materials)
Minimum required version of DAZ Studio: 4.6 (4.9 for Iray Materials)

Need an athlete for your renders? HiveWire 3D brings you the muscular Quarter Horse to win the race!

Strong, agile, and intelligent, Quarter Horses are one of the oldest and most popular recognized breeds in the United States, dating back to around the 1660s. Skilled sprinters, their name comes from their ability to outdistance other breeds in quarter mile or less races. Some have been clocked at speeds up to 55 mph (88.5 km/h). This beautiful animal will be a perfect addition to any scene, whether at a race, horse show, working farm, rodeo, or taking Dawn & Dusk for a ride in the woods.

What's Included & Features

HiveWire Quarter Horse Breed for the HiveWire Horse
Fullbody Quarter Horse Morph (Requires Poser 9 or newer and DAZ Studio 4.6 or newer)
Quarter Horse
Quarter Horse Fetlocks
Quarter Horse HorseTail
Quarter Horse Mane

Morph Support for the HW Unicorn Beard, and Tail. The Unicorn Horn does not require a support morph, and works as is, with the Quarter Horse.
Quarter Horse Unicorn Beard
Quarter HorseUnicorn Tail

2 "Load All" Scene options, Long and Short Hair,for Pinto and Bucksin options, for Poser and DAZ Studio
Pinto options load the Horse, Mane, and Tail with the Quarter Horse morph.
Buckskin options load Horse, Mane, Tail, and Fetlocks with the Quarter Horse morph.

Materials (.duf, .mc6)
DAZ Studio: Iray and 3Delight, Poser: Superfly (requires Poser 11+) and Firefly
Materials come in with Poser Firefly or DAZ Studio 3DL settings. Apply Superfly or Iray settings before rendering if desired.
Buckskin Markings
Buckskin Pinto
Buckskin Fetlocks
Buckskin Mane Foal (requires the HiveWire Foal)
Buckskin Mane Long Pinto
Buckskin Mane Long
Buckskin Mane Pinto Foal (requires the HiveWire Foal)
Buckskin Mane Short Pinto
Buckskin Mane Short
Buckskin Tail Long
Buckskin Tail Short

High Resolution 6000x6000 Skin Maps

Poser users will achieve best results with limits on.

Some poses may need minor adjusting when using the Quarter Horse. You may also find that you need to adjust the mane, etc, in some poses.

When combining morphs, for best results, make sure your morph total equals 100%. Use your primary morph at the greater amount - for example, if you want a Quarter Horse foal, dial up "Foal" to perhaps 75%, then add 25% "Quarter Horse."

Poser 11 SuperFly: If you use CPU Rendering or the included CPU rendering presets, you will need to adjust the Min & Max Transparent Bounces (under the Options panel) to at least 10 and 20 respectively. You may need higher settings, depending on the CPU. This will fix any clumpy textures on the hair parts.

Special Thanks to CWRW and HiveWire Beta and QAV teams, for their help in the development of this figure.

Software: Daz Studio 4, Poser 9 / Poser Pro 2012 +

Required Products: HiveWire Horse

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