HiveWire Ruckus for Dusk SE

HiveWire Ruckus for Dusk SE

Ruckus is a 10-foot-tall monstrous morph shape that requires Dusk Special Edition. He shares the same UVs as Dusk, so existing texture maps created for Dusk will work for Ruckus. Compatible with Poser and DAZ Studio

True to his name, Ruckus for Dusk SE is a disturbance in the morphs. This monstrosity of a shape allows Dusk to unleash his pent-up rage, perhaps equal to the strength of 300 Spartans. Standing close to 10 feet tall, and bulging with testosterone-induced muscular mass, Ruckus is ready to do damage to his foe, or even crush enemy tanks, for that matter. Ruckus is accompanied by 10 handcrafted premier action poses, for you to unlock your inner barbarian.

Requires Dusk Special Edition.

Ruckus requires DS 4.8 or newer and Poser 10 or newer.

Ruckus includes 3 Full Body Morphs, 1 full head morph and 1 Size Control. He comes with 10 Base Poses and a reset pose. Includes Support Morphs for Dusk's Briefs and Dusk's Loincloth

Works with all Dusk and Dusk SE Textures!

What's Included & Features

  • Character Files (.duf, .pz2)
    • DAZ Studio Character Preset
      • Character file which loads Ruckus on by default
    • Poser Character file which loads Ruckus on by default
    • Poser INJ/REM Files (INJ file also injects Dusk Base Morphs)
  • Morphs
    • 3 Character Morphs
      • 2 FullBody Morphs
        • FBMRuckus
        • FBMRuckusBody
      • 1 Full Head Morphs
        • FHMRuckusHead
    • 1 Size Control
      • FBMRuckusSize
    • 32 Corrective Morphs
      • 29 JCMs
        • JCMRksAb1BendFwd
        • JCMRksChest1Chest2TwistLeft
        • JCMRksChest1Chest2TwistRight
        • JCMRksChest2BendFwd
        • JCMRksChest2SideLeft
        • JCMRksChest2SideRight
        • JCMRksCollarDwnLeft
        • JCMRksCollarDwnRight
        • JCMRksCollarSideBckLeft
        • JCMRksCollarSideBckRight
        • JCMRksCollarTwistBckLeft
        • JCMRksCollarTwistBckRight
        • JCMRksCollarUpLeft
        • JCMRksCollarUpRight
        • JCMRksForearmBendFwd66Left
        • JCMRksForearmBendFwd66Right
        • JCMRksNeck1BendBck
        • JCMRksNeck1BendFwd
        • JCMRksNeck1SideLeft
        • JCMRksNeck1SideRight
        • JCMRksNeck1TwistLeft
        • JCMRksNeck1TwistRight
        • JCMRksNeck2SideLeft
        • JCMRksNeck2SideRight
        • JCMRksPelvisBendFwd
        • JCMRksShldrSideBckLeft
        • JCMRksShldrSideBckRight
        • JCMRksShldrSideFwdLeft
        • JCMRksShldrSideFwdRight
      • 3 MCMs
        • MCMRksEyeClosedLeft
        • MCMRksEyeClosedRight
        • MCMRksEyesClosed
  • Clothing Morphs (.dsf, pz2)
    • Ruckus fits for Dusk Briefs and Dusk's Loincloth
      • Poser version has INJ/REM files - apply to clothing
  • Poses (.duf, pz2)
    • 10 Ruckus Poses Plus Default
      • ArialSmash
      • Hunched
      • Rage
      • Fighting
      • Walking
      • Angry
      • Standing
      • Leaping
      • Running
      • BirdInHand
      • Default Pose (Restores Transforms and CTRL dials only)

    Special Thanks to our Beta and QAV teams and the Poser and DAZ Studio communities at large, for their help in the development of this figure!

Genre Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror, Contemporary
Compatible Figures Dusk Special Edition
Compatible Software DAZ Studio 4.8+, Poser 10+
Release Date Apr 3, 2017
Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio