HiveWire Unicorn

HiveWire Unicorn

Minimum required version of Poser: 9
Minimum required version of DAZ Studio: 4.6

What's Included & Features

HiveWire Unicorn for the HiveWire Horse (.OBJ, .CR2, .DUF)
Native Poser Vertex Weight-Mapped and DAZ Studio TriAxTM Weight Mapped Figures
HW Unicorn Beard
HW Unicorn Horn
HW Unicorn Tail
"Load All" Scene files for Poser and DAZ Studio
Loads the Horse, Mane, Fetlocks, Unicorn Tail, Unicorn Horn, and Unicorn Beard, with the Unicorn morph and textures applied for all figures.
High Resolution 6000x6000 Skin Maps
Unicorn Eye Blue
Unicorn Eye Brown
Unicorn Eye Dk Blue
Unicorn Eye Gold
Unicorn Eye Green
Unicorn Eye Violet
Unicorn Beard White
Unicorn Fetlocks White
Unicorn Horn Gold
Unicorn Horn Natural
Unicorn Horn Silver 1
Unicorn Horn Silver 2
Unicorn Lion Tail White
Unicorn Mane White
Unicorn Horse Tail White
Unicorn White
Morph Support for the HW Foal and 3DU's Toon Horse

Base Horse morphs are optimized for the Base Horse. Care should be used when combining with other full body morphs.

Morphs for the new Unicorn parts will appear (after INJ for Poser and when installed for DS) in their own sections in the Horse Body or head. Additionally, you can select the horn joints and bend, twist and side-side each of them individually.

Poses may need adjusting for the Unicorn.

When using poses not designed for the Unicorn, the tail may thicken at the base and toward the center. To fix this, you will need to apply the !ZeroTail pose (included in the poses that came with the Horse) and then pose the tail by using the dials in the Parameter tab of the Unicorn's body for the Unicorn tail.

Special Thanks to CWRW and HiveWire Beta Testers, for their help in the development of this figure.

Software: Daz Studio 4, Poser 9 / Poser Pro 2012 +

Required Products: HiveWire Horse

Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio