iCan COMPETE Sports Poses for The Brute 8

iCan COMPETE Sports Poses for The Brute 8

Don't be fooled by all the masculinity; this collection of 30 poses demonstrates how athletic The Brute can really be. You will find a variety of action poses from three popular sports categories: baseball, basketball, and soccer. These poses demonstrate the speed and flexibility of the The Brute for almost any sporting event. Wait just a minute! Don't limit yourself to just sports with this set of poses; use a little imagination (and a weapon or two) to make The Brute 8 a formidable enemy.

To ensure maximum compatibility with the many environments and props available for Daz Studio, this set of 30 poses have been constructed in neutral positions that are not specific to other products so they can easily be adjusted to almost any scene and accessory.

POSES Included:

Baseball Batter 01
Baseball Catch 01
Baseball Catcher 01
Baseball Pitcher 01
Baseball Pitcher 02
Baseball Pitcher 03
Baseball Slide 01
Baseball Slide 02
Baseball Swing 01
Baseball Swing 02
Basketball Dribble 01
Basketball Dribble 02
Basketball Dunk 01
Basketball Dunk 02
Basketball Dunk 03
Basketball Grab 01
Basketball Grab 02
Basketball Throw 01
Basketball Throw 02
Basketball Throw 03
Soccer GoalKeeper 01
Soccer HeadBall 01
Soccer Kick 01
Soccer Kick 02
Soccer Kick 03
Soccer Kick 04
Soccer Kick 05
Soccer Kick 06
Soccer Save 01
Soccer Save 02

DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Male

Requirements:  The Brute 8 (character for G8M)

Compatible figures: 
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