JDS Smart Content for RPublising V4 Outfits

JDS Smart Content for RPublising V4 Outfits

This pack contains the required smart content metadata for 26 RPublishing - V4 Outfits found here at Renderosity.
Additionally, there is Smart Content metadata for 21 Add-On texture packs as a BONUS.

There is a big push in the Daz Studio world to encourage the use of the Smart Content feature, very few if any of the vendors outside of Daz3d.com ever include Smart Content metadata with their products.
One of the reasons is that it is more difficult to install than simply unzipping the files into the correct folder. I have come up with a method that makes it a little less pain full and you can read all about it on the Editorial tab.

The pack doesn't contain any outfits or textures, it is only the information that allows Daz Studio 4.5 and above to display the clothing and textures for the figure or outfit selected in the scene.

This pack contains Smart Content Metadata for the following V4 products:
RPublishing - Anarchy
RPublishing - Badlands II - Storm
RPublishing - Badlands Sirena
RPublishing - Black Rose for V4
RPublishing - Captain Anne
RPublishing - Charlie Dress
RPublishing - Elven Desire
RPublishing - Fire Princess V4
RPublishing - Foxy Roxy
RPublishing - Glamorous Evening Gown
RPublishing - Grissel Fantasy Armor
RPublishing - Gunslinger
RPublishing - Kazumi
RPublishing - Kindred Clothing V4 A4 S4
RPublishing - Lizzy Ann Outfit
RPublishing - Night Watcher
RPublishing - Onryos Vengance
RPublishing - Priestess of the Sun
RPublishing - Punk Me
RPublishing - Ryder Outfit
RPublishing - Saladina V4 A4
RPublishing - Sexy Fantasy Outfit
RPublishing - Sexy Savage Armor
RPublishing - Tenshi Warrior
RPublishing - Total Anarchy
RPublishing - Vindicator Suit

With BONUS Meta Data for the following Add-On Texture Packs
3DS - Kitty Conviction for Vindicator
Anagord - LEGACY for Elven Desire
Anagord - Legend for Grissel Fantasy Armor
Anagord - Messenger for Kazumi
Anagord - RANGER for Night Watcher
Anagord - Rebels for Total Anarchy
Anagord - RIOT for Anarchy
Anagord - Shadow for Tenshi Warrior
Anagord - Stunning for Glamorous Evening Gown
Anagord - Temperament for Punk Me
Atenais - Destuction for Total Anarchy
Atenais - Enchantress for Kazumi
Boundless - The Corsair for Night Watcher
Kaleya - Fantasy for Elven Desire
Kaleya Dreamwalker - Sexy Fantasy
Nirvy - Beyond the Wall - Night Watcher
RPD - CherryLane for Onryo's Vengeance
RPD - Fantasia for Tenshi Warrior
RPD - Priestess of the Sun - Mayan Oracle
Sveva - Discord for Anarchy
Sveva - Shadows for Vindicator

This Metadata works on the 'Relative Pathing' and therefore requires that the products listed above are already installed to the ..\My Library\runtime folder.
If your V4 products are installed in a different location, these files need to be in the \runtime\support path within that same folder structure.
You will also have to use the manual install method shown in the included instruction PDF document.
If the products listed above are not installed this Metadata pack WILL NOT WORK.

You can safely unzip all of the files and even load the metadata, the only problem you will encounter is that the missing products will not work even though they appear in the Smart Content tab.
It is recommended that you only load the metadata for the products that you have installed.

Daz Studio 4

Requirements:  Some or All of the listed RPublishing V4 Outfits

Required Products:  
Kindred Clothing V4, A4, S4, Lizzy Ann Clothing V4 / A4, Anarchy for V4, A4 & G4, Elven Desire Outfit V4, A4 & G4, Priestess of the Sun, Vindicator Suit, Badlands II - Storm, Grissel Fantasy Armor, Captain Anne, Night Watcher V4 / A4 / Girl4, Sexy Fantasy Outfit

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