KFR6 Toon Shaders for 3Delight and Iray

KFR6 Toon Shaders for 3Delight and Iray

This product contains 5 shaders and 2 scripts for Daz Studio, designed to help produce images in a style similar to anime and webtoons with little to no postprocessing.

VERY IMPORTANT 1: Using the shaders may randomly crash Daz Studio. So, save your work regularly.

VERY IMPORTANT 2: The shaders can be applied to figures and props, but the models must satisfy various constraints described in the User Guide.

VERY IMPORTANT 3: This product is not a one-click solution, and the Iray shaders require a lot of care to get decent results.

VERY IMPORTANT 4: Models, textures and presets are NOT included.

There are 2 shaders for 3Delight and 3 shaders for Iray.

The 3Delight Toon Mix shader and the Iray Toon Mix shader can be used to create soft and sharp bi-color shading with optional bi-color glossy effect and automatic edge detection.
All shaders support mapped parameters to allow for extensive customization.

The 3Delight Edges shader and the Iray Edges shader are specialized for edge detection, including object outline.
They are partially transparent and can be used on a geoshell to add edges to a model, or they can be used alone to create special effects.

The Iray Light Modulator shader is designed specifically to be used on a geoshell in order to provide a partial gradient sharpening effect on a lit model.

The Add Geoshells script can be used to automatically add geoshells with the chosen shaders to one or multiple objects.

The Update Parameters script is designed specifically to automate the update of some of the parameters of the Iray shaders.

Additional content:
- User Guide (PDF) documenting the shaders, scripts and scenes, including usage tips and common pitfalls;
- 2 simple test scenes, one for 3Delight and one for Iray, which are described in the User Guide.


Tested only in Daz on Windows 10 without Nvidia GPU.

Daz Studio 4

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