Macro Eyes for Iray Bundle

Macro Eyes for Iray Bundle

William Shakespeare once said “The Eyes are the window to your soul”. Looking at the most popular images in the Galleries here at, I can see that's true. But I believe that the most realistic render results shouldn't be reserved for just the most experienced Daz Studio users. That's why I made Macro Eyes for Iray and Genesis 3. This super detailed set of eye textures, Iray Uber shaders, and custom eye morphs bring a whole new level of realism to your Iray renders with the double-click of a preset.

This bundle collection of 48 beautiful, real world eye colors ,ranging from subtle to brilliant, for Genesis 3 Female and Genesis 3 Male will give you lots of new eye otions for your characters. They will enhance and add more suspension of disbelief to your Fantasy and SciFi renders as well. But the true advantage comes into play with close-ups and portraiture. Every part of the eye has been enhanced to make the most out of Iray's Physically Based Rendering. With Macro Eyes, surface boundaries blend gracefully into one another just like in real life. And the hand enhanced, double resolution, photo based detail for color and modulated normal maps may leed you to question whether you are looking at a close-up render you just made or a prime example of Macro Photography. Bring more life to your eyes with Macro Eyes!

Key Features Include:

Twice the detail

20 different 4K resolution (2X standard) ultra detailed, photo based eye texture maps

Increased height detail and accuracy

Normal maps were precision crafted using texture generation software specifically designed for physically based output.


Included as a bonus are four HD resolution Heterochromia (mixed eye) color presets.

Right and Left Dilation

Independent left and right pupil dilate morphs for Heterochromia and that cool David Bowie look.

Curved Iris

Concave Iris morph (pixar style) allows better illumination of the iris (simulates interior cornea caustics).

Subtle Transitions

IMPORTANT: Precise masking for subtle transitions between eye surface groups: Lacrimal > Sclera, Sclera > Iris, Iris > Pupil.

Increased Lacrimal Realism

Fine detailed lacrimal displacement, bump and shader setting improvements make this appear as a more natural part of the eye.

More Realistic Eyelashes

Ultra fine detailed eyelashes transparency and bump maps with anisotropic glossy settings provide a 3D appearance for extreme close ups.

Naturally Moist Eyelids

Optionally add moist eyelids to any Iray Uber shader Face surface without altering existing character's texture maps.

What's Included and Features

  • This Bundle Includes:
    • Macro Eyes for Iray Blues and Greens
    • Macro Eyes for Iray Browns and Exotics


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Compatible Figures:

Genesis 3 Female, Genesis 3 Male

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.9

Install Types:

Look at individual products in this bundle for install types

Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio