Merman Creator for G8M

Merman Creator for G8M

Merman Creator for Genesis 8 Male is a morph pack that can be useful in building some Merman nation. Pack consist of 71 morphs in total (please see promo images). Only morphs no additional resources. Item intended rather for static art than animation - no proper bones in tail and geometry pushed to its limits, so it may not working as expected when animated!

Merman Arm Fin 01.dsf
Merman Arm Fin 02.dsf
Merman Arm Fin 03.dsf
Merman Arm Fin 04.dsf
Merman Arm Fin 05.dsf
Merman Arm Fin 06.dsf
Merman Arm Fin 07.dsf
Merman Arm Fin 08.dsf
Merman Arm Fin 09.dsf
Merman Arm Fin 10.dsf
Merman Back Fin 01.dsf
Merman Back Fin 02.dsf
Merman Back Fin 03.dsf
Merman Back Fin 04.dsf
Merman Back Fin 05.dsf
Merman Back Fin 06.dsf
Merman Back Fin 07.dsf
Merman Back Fin 08.dsf
Merman Back Fin 09.dsf
Merman Back Fin 10.dsf
Merman Back Fin 11.dsf
Merman Back Fin 12.dsf
Merman Back Fin 13.dsf
Merman Back Fin 14.dsf
Merman Ears 01.dsf
Merman Ears 02.dsf
Merman Ears 03.dsf
Merman Ears 04.dsf
Merman Ears 05.dsf
Merman LHand Fin 1.dsf
Merman LHand Fin 2.dsf
Merman LHand Fin 3.dsf
Merman LHand Fin 4.dsf
Merman Lungs 01.dsf
Merman Lungs 02.dsf
Merman Lungs 03.dsf
Merman Lungs 04.dsf
Merman Lungs 05.dsf
Merman RHand Fin 1.dsf
Merman RHand Fin 2.dsf
Merman RHand Fin 3.dsf
Merman RHand Fin 4.dsf
Merman Side Fin 01.dsf
Merman Side Fin 02.dsf
Merman Side Fin 03.dsf
Merman Side Fin 04.dsf
Merman Side Fin 05.dsf
Merman Side Fin 06.dsf
Merman Side Fin 07.dsf
Merman Side Fin 08.dsf
Merman Side Fin 09.dsf
Merman Side Fin 10.dsf
Merman Side Fin 11.dsf
Merman Side Fin 12.dsf
Merman Tail Twist Back 01.dsf
Merman Tail Twist Back 02.dsf
Merman Tail Twist Back 03.dsf
Merman Tail Twist Back 04.dsf
Merman Tail Twist Front 01.dsf
Merman Tail Twist Front 02.dsf
Merman Tail Twist Front 03.dsf
Merman Tail Twist Front 04.dsf
Merman Tail Twist Front 05.dsf
Merman Tail Twist Front 06.dsf
Merman Tail Twist Left 01.dsf
Merman Tail Twist Left 02.dsf
Merman Tail Twist Left 03.dsf
Merman Tail Twist Left 04.dsf
Merman Tail Twist Right 01.dsf
Merman Tail Twist Right 02.dsf
Merman Tail.dsf

DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Male

Requirements:  Daz 4.9, Poser not tested

Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio