MR - G9 Visage Face Morphs

MR - G9 Visage Face Morphs

What's included:

This pack contains a total of 95 morphs for the face, eyes and lashes.

Brow Centre Up
Brow Outer Up
Cheekbone Out
Cheeks Fuller
Cheeks Hollow
Chin Cleft
Chin Forward
Chin Pinch
Chin Size
Ears Pinned
Ears Size
Eyes Bigger
Eyes Browbone Up
Eyes Inner Almond
Eyes Inner Corner Rotate
Eyes Lid Outer Down
Eyes Lid Smooth
Eyes Lower Lid Down
Eyes Lower Puffy
Eyes Lower Puffy2
Eyes Outer Almond
Eyes Slant
Eyes Socket Raise
Eyes Underbrow Pinch
Eyes Upper Centre Up
Eyes Upper Droop
Eyes Upper Inner Up
Eyes Upper Outer Droop
Eyes Width
Face Lower Size
Face Profile 1
Face Profile 2
Face Profile 3
Jaw Up
Jaw Wide
Jowls 1
Jowls 2
Jowls 3
Lips Both Full
Lips Lower Centre Up
Lips Lower Centrepoint Down
Lips Lower Curve Down
Lips Lower Forward
Lips Lower Fuller
Lips Lower Up
Lips Outer Corners Pinch
Lips Upper Centre Up
Lips Upper Centrepoint Down
Lips Upper Curve
Lips Upper Down
Lips Upper Filler
Lips Upper Forward
Lips Upper Fuller
Lips Upper Points Defined
Lips Upper Points Width
Mouth Bigger
Mouth Corner Up
Mouth Down
Mouth Narrow
Mouth Outer Corners Rotate
Mouth Up
Nose Bigger
Nose Bridge Narrow
Nose Flat
Nose Forward
Nose Nostrils Wide
Nose Philtrum Defined
Nose Philtrum Narrow
Nose Septum Down
Nose Septum Width
Nose Size
Nose Slope Curve
Nose Slope Roman
Nose Slope Up
Nose Tip Bulbous
Nose Tip Up
Nose Up
Nose Upturn Slope
Nose Wide
Nose Wings Fleshy
Nose Wings Twist
Nose Wings Up
Throat Up
Lashes Lower Bigger
Lashes Lower Down
Lashes Lower Forward
Lashes Lower Point
Lashes Upper Bigger
Lashes Upper Curl
Lashes Upper Forward
Lashes Upper Point
Lashes Upper Point2
Lashes Upper Up
Iris Bigger
Pupil Dilate

Morphs can be found under the parameters tab, following the paths:


You will need to know how to create one single-dialled morph from this pack in
order to redistribute the shape.

You may find certain combinations of morphs or over-morphing may result in a distorted mesh.

Some morphs also work with negative settings.

Software: DAZ Studio 4.21 (Needed for Genesis 9)

Compatible figures: Genesis 9

Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio