Nature's Wonders Frogs of the World Vol. 3

Nature's Wonders Frogs of the World Vol. 3

Frogs of the World Volume 3 expands upon the base model set with with 6 species of toad. Compatible with both Poser 10+ and DAZ Studio 4.9+..

This third volume of Frogs of the World focuses on Toads. Toads are a specific type of frog and mostly found in the Bufonidae family. Toads are characterized by dry, leathery skin, short legs and large bumps covering the parotoid glands. They tend to live in more terrestrial habitats than other frogs.

Superstition has it that touching toads produces warts, which is, of course, untrue. The bumps (or "warts") on the toads skin are part of the toads genetic make-up and are not infectious.

The toad has long been considered to be an animal of ill omen or a connection to the spirit world. Repugnance to it may actually be caused by its blackish, wart-like skin, its slow movements and the way it can emerge from dark holes. Or it may have even had its origins in the fact that it is at home both on land and in the water. Whatever the reason, in Europe in the Middle Ages, the toad was associated with the Devil, for whom a coat-of-arms was invented emblazoned with three toads. It was known that the toad could poison people and, as the witch's familiar, it was thought to possess magical powers. Even ordinary people made use of dried toads, their bile, faeces and blood. In some areas, the finding of a toad in a house was considered evidence that a witch was present. In the Basque Country, the familiars were believed to be toads wearing elegant robes. These were herded by children who were being trained as witches. Between 1610 and 1612, the Spanish inquisitor Alonso de Salazar Frías investigated witchcraft in the region and searched the houses of suspected witches for dressed toads. He found none. These witches were reputed to use undomesticated toads as ingredients in their liniments and brews.

The set comes in two versions; a Poser version that supports Firefly and Superfly rendering and a DAZ Studio version which supports 3Delight and Iray rendering.

Requires Nature's Wonders Frogs.

What's Included and Features:

  • Toad Species (pz2/duf formats with 4K maps)
    • Western Spadefoot Toad (2 colorations included)
    • Common Spadefoot Toad
    • Southern Toad
    • European Common Toad
    • Panamanian Gold Toad
    • Oriental Fire-bellied Toad
  • Illustrated PDF Manual on how to use the Product and a Field Guide on the included frog species
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Compatible Software DAZ Studio 4.9+, Poser 10+
Release Date Aug 7, 2017
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio