Scene Toy Pro

Scene Toy Pro

Scene Toy Pro is fully-featured scene navigation and manipulation tool that is packed full of amazing and useful features that will enhance and accelerate how you work and create in Poser.

At a quick glance, it resembles Poser's Hierarchy Editor. Figures, Props, Lights, Cameras and Deformers are shown in a TreeView structure. Branches can be collapsed and expanded. Selected items are selected in Poser and if an item is selected directly in Poser, it is selected in Scene Toy Pro.

Where the utility stands apart is its wealth of functions and operations, most of which can be performed on multiple items at once. Multiple items can be Deleted, Renamed, Conformed, Parented, Snapped, Grouped, Hidden/Shown or have their Display Style changed. Figures and Props can have their Properties set, including Render Visibility, Subdivision settings, Render properties and Smoothing parameters. Multiple items can be memorized, restored, zeroed, locked, unlocked, blocked (from the UI), unblocked (from the UI), set to be static, set to be animated, multiple magnetizing, framing (along with centering in the scene) and much more.

An optional Parts Panel can be used to select the various body parts of a Figure. It shows and hides dynamically as Figures are loaded and removed from the scene. This panel can be used to quickly Hide and Show body parts, Memorize, Restore, Frame (and Center) or Zero them. It can also handle Operations across multiple parts via a convenient multi-selection dialog.

Additional actions can be performed on items in the scene via a right-click menu. You can view the statistics of selected items and browse to the location of their external object files (if not embedded). You can set the IK Status and Skinning Method for Figures and change the Style of selected Lights.

This scene-enhancing utility can also be customized to your liking. The interface colors can be adjusted. The toolbar theme and layout can be changed. The list can be sorted in various ways, such as by category, by load order or alphabetical.

It is also expandable, with a robust and flexible plugin system. Two starter plugins are included, one for Zeroing Scaling, Rotations and other Parameters and one for turning Scene Toy Pro into a launcher for any other script that you have available to Poser, whether native, 3rd party or created by Netherworks Studios.

Scene Toy Pro was build for users that have a passion for using Poser. Whether you are a content creator or content collector, you will find a wealth of features that will greatly assist how you work with items in the scene, allowing you to spend more time focusing on your art and creativity.

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Poser 9 / Poser Pro 2012 +

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