Songbird ReMix Characters

Songbird ReMix Characters

Songbird ReMix Characters includes many of the most popular and beloved birds in North America and provides for the subtle nuances of seasonal and color variants. Compatible with Poser 11.2+ and DAZ Studio 4.12+..

This product was completely updated in December 2020 to include a new file structure with native versions for both Daz Studio and Poser. Six new birds have been added. Each bird is presented as a ready to render character with 3DL and Iray presets for DAZ Studio, and Firefly and Superfly presets for Poser. Props previously included in the old version(s) have been retired..

Songbird ReMix Characters includes many of the most popular and beloved birds in North America. As with all Songbird ReMix birds, one model can fly and perch with wings tucked, with one easy-to-use morph. Many seasonal and color variants have been included. For instance, the American Goldfinch looks different in breeding season than during the Fall, and how much good seed a male House Finch eats will determine whether he's red, orange or yellow. Songbird ReMix Characters provides for these subtle nuances.

There are two versions of this set for native support in Poser and DAZ Studio. Materials have been tuned to support Iray, 3Delight, Superfly and Firefly renderers.

What's Included & Features:

  • Models (.obj, .cr2, .duf)
    • Songbird ReMix4 Songbird Base
      • Blank, untextured model
      • Primarily for users who wish to experiment with poses or customize their own species of bird
  • Bird Species(.cr2, .duf)
    • Crows, Jays and their Allies
      • American Crow
    • Finches, Old World Sparrows & their Allies
      • American Goldfinch (includes both male and female breeding/non-breeding)
      • House Finch (includes the nominate and frontalis races; females and males in red, orange and yellow plumages)
    • Orioles, Blackbirds & their Allies
      • Red-winged Blackbird (m/f)
      • Bi-colored Blackbird (m)
      • Tri-colored Blackbird (m)
    • Silky Flycatchers & their Allies
      • Cedar Waxwing
      • Phainopepla (m/f)
    • Thrushes, Oxpeckers & their Allies
      • Northern Mockingbird
      • Swainson's Thrush
      • Western Bluebird (m/f/juvenile)
    • Wrens, Nuthatches & their Allies
      • Cactus Wren
  • Poses (.pz2, duf)
    • Default Reset Pose
    • Flight
    • Ground Peck
    • Perch Stalk
    • Thrush Classic
    • Wren Classic
  • Manuals (.pdf)
    • Field Guide and Manual
      • Information and tips on use of product
      • Detailed information about behavior, nesting and range
    • "Upgrading Songbird ReMix", for those who had previous versions of the product
Compatible Software DAZ Studio 4.12+, Poser 11.2+
Release Date Dec 1, 2020
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio