Species for Pentaceratops

Species for Pentaceratops

This set creates three new dinosaurs from Dinoraul's Pentaceratops sternbergi, and one new dinosaur from Dinoraul's Brachyceratops montanensis:
- Agujaceratops
- Bravoceratops
- Chasmosaurus
- Chasmosaurus juvenile

We've set these up to load directly from the Figure library with the morphs already injected, so no need to load the base figure, then the morphs and textures. Just one click and you're ready to go! And each figure has a new, high quality texture (4096 x 4096) to spotlight the dinosaur's unique features.

In order to load Chasmosaurus adult, Agujaceratops and Bravoceratops, this product requires that you have purchased and installed Dinoraul's Pentaceratops sternbergi (http://www.contentparadise.com/productDetails.aspx?id=14974). In order to load the bonus Chasmosaurus juvenile, you need to have purchased and installed Dinoraul's Brachyceratops montanensis (http://www.contentparadise.com/productDetails.aspx?id=14842)

For Poser 8+ and DAZ Studio 3+. Tested in Poser 8+ and DAZ Studio 3.0+
DAZ Studio users please note: some adjustment to material settings may be necessary. Please refer to the Readme file for suggested settings.

View the Editorial tab for details about the dinosaurs included in this package!

Poser 8, Daz Studio 4.5

Requirements: Dinoraul's Pentaceratops sternbergi and Dinoraul's Brachyceratops montanensis

Digital ProductFile (1): 48.38 MB

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