Summer Fun for Pool Patio DS

Summer Fun for Pool Patio DS

"Summer Fun" for Pool Patio by Lilflame.

- This is an ADD ON product - Props NOT included
- Included is over 95 Materials/Shaders for the Pool Patio
- EVERYTHING is mix and match!

04 Metal Shaders for any surface
(aluminum, brass, black, chrome)

08 Bar Chairs
08 Gazebo Chairs
08 Gazebo Canvas Colors
09 Gazebo Curtain Colors
08 Gazebo Floors (3 different designs)
01 Gazebo Table
03 Pool Bottom Options
03 Pool Water Options
10 Pool Patio Options
03 Patio Wall Options
01 Reset to Default Walls
05 Tropical Plant Options
06 Pool Slide Colors
01 Gazebo Frame & Bar
04 Tall Cocktails
04 Cocktail 01
04 Cocktail 02
03 Fruit Options (for each cocktail)
01 Straw Any Color Option
01 Hide Straw Option

Iray Materials Only

- This is a texture add on for the prop/environment set by Lilflame - this does NOT include any props, this is textures/materials/shaders set only to enhance your swimming pool experience! Three different water materials are included for different water surface bump/displacement, mix and match patios, pools, gazebos, curtains, chairs, drinks, and loads more! Iray Only.

- Palm Trees in the background are not included

Software: Daz Studio 4

Required Products: Pool Patio

3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio