Super Geometry - Full Body Morphs G8F

Super Geometry - Full Body Morphs G8F

This package includes FULL BODY MORPHS and QUICK SETTING.

Reset the "Full Body" shape of your characters to base before use, for best results!

Installation and User Instructions:

1. Unzip the files directly to your DAZ Studio library.
2. Load Genesis 8 Female to the work space
3. Go to character / Actor for fine settings
4. or use the Quick Setting

Detailed Filelist:

...\data\DAZ 3D\Genesis 8\Female\Morphs\Supermassive\Super Geometry\

SG Arms and Shoulders.dsf
SG Back Details.dsf
SG Breast Implant.dsf
SG Calf.dsf
SG Chest and Neck Details.dsf
SG Knee Back.dsf
SG Knee Bone Inner.dsf
SG Knee Outer.dsf
SG Thighs and Glutes.dsf
SG Waist.dsf

Quick setting path:

...\People\Genesis 8 Female\Shapes\Supermassive\Super Geometry\Quick Setting\

Arms, Shoulders, Back 100%.duf
Arms, Shoulders, Back 100%.duf.png
Arms, Shoulders, Back 50%.duf
Arms, Shoulders, Back 50%.duf.png
Arms, Shoulders, Back 75%.duf
Arms, Shoulders, Back 75%.duf.png
Arms, Shoulders, Back Remove.duf
Arms, Shoulders, Back Remove.duf.png
Breast Implant 100%.duf
Breast Implant 100%.png
Breast Implant 50%.duf
Breast Implant 50%.png
Breast Implant 75%.duf
Breast Implant 75%.png
Breast Implant Remove.duf
Breast Implant Remove.png
Full Body 100%.duf
Full Body 100%.duf.png
Full Body 50%.duf
Full Body 50%.duf.png
Full Body 75%.duf
Full Body 75%.duf.png
Full Body Remove.duf
Full Body Remove.duf.png
Lower Body Part 100%.duf
Lower Body Part 100%.duf.png
Lower Body Part 50%.duf
Lower Body Part 50%.duf.png
Lower Body Part 75%.duf
Lower Body Part 75%.duf.png
Lower Body Part Remove.duf
Lower Body Part Remove.duf.png
Upper Body 100%.duf
Upper Body 100%.png
Upper Body 50%.duf
Upper Body 50%.png
Upper Body 75%.duf
Upper Body 75%.png
Upper Body Remove.duf
Upper Body Remove.png


DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio