TerraDome2 Environment System

TerraDome2 Environment System

TerraDome2 is a revolutionary landscape system for Poser. It features a 360° skydome with sunlight and shadows that actually track through the sky. With fast rendering atmospheres, realistic hills, and mountains, creating realistic outside environments and daylight rendering has never been easier. Every aspect of the classic Terradome system has been expanded, refined, rebuilt, and reimagined. No aspect of the original system was left untouched.

MATERIALS: Terrains materials are a mixture of photography and procedural textures, giving you the best of both worlds. An expertly implemented shader system easily mimics the ruggedness and detail of real world terrain. These enhanced materials blend perfectly with TerraDome's outdoor lighting offering a wide variety of terrain styles from lush green grass to rugged, detailed rocks and technology that realistically blends multiple texture maps into one Terrain material to add extra realism.

STRUCTURE: There two terrain zones to the Terradome 2 - Zone A or the Main Terrain area and Zone B witch forms the background elements. Each zone has its own separate geometry and accompanying morph targets. Each zone is completely rotating to a full 360° . Extra zones can be added to create bigger environments up to a full 360° world. The zone system is constructed to use "only" the amount of terrain you actually need in your scene. This does not just apply to the zones themselves but the injectable morph targets, and terrain shader system.

MORPHS: Morph targets for each zone dramatically enhance each scene with distant mountain ranges, low lying soft hills, and rough foreground Terrain.

ATMOSPHERES: All new Atmospheres based on Poser's internal Atmosphere system add an impressive range of tools to the Terradome 2 workbench. These fast rendering haze, cloud, and mist effects have been furtherly enhanced with some material room science that greatly expands their usefullness.

SKYDOME: Using texture maps at 8000 pixels wide, the skydome renders at the highest realistic quality, using photographic real world skies. The Skydome texture sets come equipped with an innovative lighting system, that allows sunlight to move automatically around the sky through 360° , casting natural looking daylight shadows. The light sets and skydome texture sets load at the same time from one material file for each TerraDome environment system. There is no need to load lights and sky separately (Unless you want to that is... you also have that option!) Each light/texture set comes with its own custom IBL light probe to enhance the scene with natural diffuse light.

SCALE: The TerraDome System has been built so that it will encompass most popular large architectural sets. It is large and expansive enough to render a believable simulation of a large landscape, but it is not so large that poser gets lost in the scene. Other touches include technological tricks, like making the Skydome unable to receive shadows from and figures or props in the scene. The all new Terradome 2 is HUGH compared to the original - you can fit roughly 4 while Terradome1's inside of Terradome2!

Welcome to Terradome 2



Detailed Userguide PDF

TerraDome Base Figure

6 Individual Piece Figures (AZone BZoneLg, Skydome, Matte, Parametric, and Water)

4 Ready to Use Scene Files (Includes Poser 8 Scene Launchers)

TD2 Lighting System


8 AZone Morphs

7 BZone Morphs

4 FBMs (Covers both A and B Zones)


10 Atmospheres

7 Skydomes Sets


8 Skydome Gradients

20 " Basic" Materials

31 Blended "Terrain" Materials for the A Zone (Alpine, Grassland, Desert, Woodland, and Rocky)

31 Blended "Terrain" Materials for the B Zone

8 Water Materials

Poser Version: Poser 8+
Requires: No Additional Requirements
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