Ultimate Catfight Collection - Part 3

Ultimate Catfight Collection - Part 3

Ultimate Catfight gets the Ultimate Update! UCC Part 3 is the final package in this comprehensive series of unarmed catfight poses. In part 3 you get 10 new categories loaded with highly articulated poses; these poses were inspired by all the latest catfight packs from Darkworld Design, along with some inspiration from solo character packs such as Chammy, Jura, and Song-Li!

-- Ultimate Catfight Collection 3 breaks down as follows:
Face Off -- the girls prepare to battle...
Sore Loser -- winner has clearly dominated her exhausted opponent
Attack, Reversal -- incoming attack is reversed for some surprise pain
Attack, Grounded -- punches, elbows, strangle holds, and other body to body ground attacks
Attack, Upright -- punches, knees, kicks, chokes, and other brutal tactics while kneeling or standing
Hold Her Down -- one opponent is frustrated as the other holds her against the floor in a compromising position
Wrestling, Intimate -- some of these moves are banned in 49 states!
Wrestling, Grounded -- ground based struggles with each girl striving to get the upper hand
Wrestling, Upright -- standing or pouncing wrestling holds and grapple attacks
Wrestling, Scissors -- crushed like sparrow's egg between thighs! nasty breath stealing scissor holds

-- Poses are populated as follows:
Face Off (38 poses)
Sore Loser (36 poses)
Attack, Reversal (34 poses)
Attack, Grounded (38 poses)
Attack, Upright (80 poses)
Hold Her Down (62 poses)
Wrestling, Intimate (30 poses)
Wrestling, Grounded (110 poses)
Wrestling, Upright (36 poses)
Wrestling, Scissors (36 poses)

-- This package features new poses as well as poses taken from or inspired by the following packs:
Fem Fight Zero (1-5)
Beautiful Struggle
Dueling Curves
Girlfight Kittens
Fighting Streets
Battle Girls 1
Battle Girls 2
Toe 2 Toe
Bump n' Grind
Jura - Fantasy Warrior
Saki - Fantasy Warrior
Rainbow Girl
Song-Li - Wushu Warrior
Chammy - Spec Ops Fighter
Black Widow

It's infinite catfight options!

Software: Poser 7

Base Figures: Victoria 4

Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio