Victoria 4.2 Base

Victoria 4.2 Base

The most widely supported 3D figure on the planet, Victoria, has received an incredible makeover. Victoria is back with greater realism, perfect imperfections, and incredible ease of use. Victoria 4 works great in DAZ Studio and sets the standard for Poser figures. Order Victoria 4 today and see for yourself why she is the most widely supported 3D figure anywhere.

What's Included and Features


  • Victoria 4.2 Base CR2
    • New! Visemes
    • Improved! Parameter INJection/REMoval via "Extensible Parameters" (ExP) technology; for greater compatibility with add-on morph products
    • Includes Basic Expression Morphs
  • 10 Default Poses
  • Sample Resolution Basic Hair and Bikini Maps
    • 9 Texture Maps:
      • V4SmplEyesM - (256x256)
      • V4SmplEyesTr - (512x512)
      • V4SmplEyeSurfcM - (512x512)
      • V4SmplEyeSurfcTr - (512x512)
      • V4SmplFaceM_BKN - (512x512)
      • V4SmplLashesTr - (1024x1024)
      • V4SmplLimbsM - (512x512)
      • V4SmplMouthM - (512x512)
      • V4SmplTorsoM_BKN - (1024x1024)
    • MAT Pose
    • DAZ Studio Materials Preset
  • Sample Resolution No-Genitalia Skin Maps
    • Two Additional Texture Maps:
      • V4SmplFaceM - (512x512)
      • V4SmplTorsoM_NG - (512x512)
    • MAT Pose
    • DAZ Studio Materials Preset


NOTE: MAC users need MAC OSX 10.3.9 or higher in order for Victoria 4.2 base to work properly.

Victoria 4.2 does not work in versions of Poser earlier than Poser 6. DAZ Studio users need DS version + Patch or higher.

Hairstyle and clothing shown in the images above are sold separately.

  • This product includes:
    • 1 Poser Core Installer
      • 1 PowerLoader Installer
      • 1 StudioCF Installer

Compatible Figures:

Victoria 4

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio, Poser

Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio