Whimsical Lace Shaders for Iray

Whimsical Lace Shaders for Iray

Whimsical Lace Shaders for Iray is a merchant resource. It contains 12 gorgeous unique Any Color patterns of laces, plus 7 patterns with a sequin version and 14 tilling options for your convenience.

First select your pattern of choice and then choose the best tilling option for your surface.

You can choose your favorite color on Surfaces Tab > Editor > Base Color for the "No Sequins" patterns, and Surfaces Tab > Editor > Base Color > Right Click > Layered Image Editor... (LIE) for the "With Sequins" patterns. In the LIE window, remember not to change the "Mask" Color, leave it white! Only change the color on "Sequin Color" and "Lace Color".

Or you can leave it white for a beautiful bride gown or a fresh summer dress!

To make your shaders metallic, choose the "100% Metallic" for "No Sequins" lace patterns, or go to Surfaces Tab > Editor > Metallicity slider to choose any other value of metallicity. As for "With Sequins" lace patterns, there is a "Non Metallic Lace" and a "Full Metallic" option for each pattern. The lace metallicity can also be separatedly adjusted in the LIE menu on the "Metallicity" parameter, for "With Sequins" lace patterns. In this case, we recommend you to leave the "Sequin Metallicity" as white and change only the "Lace Metallicity". Remember to only use grayscale colors (White, Black or Gray) for Metallicity.

You can also add an iridescence effect to the sequins, in 8 different colors, or by selecting one of the given colors and choosing your own iridescence color in "Top Coat Color" on the Editor Menu in the Surfaces tab.

This product can be used for both personal and commercial projects, as long as they are not used to create a similar pack.
For commercial projects, remember to bake the shader onto your UV map.

May your renders and products get even more dazzling with this shader kit, enjoy!


- 12 "No Sequins" Any Color lace patterns (.DUF)
- 7 "With Sequins" Any Color LIE lace patterns (.DUF)
- 14 tiling options (.DUF)
- 8 "Iridescent Sequins" color options (.DUF)
- Maps: Normal, Height, Metallicity, Roughness
- Seamless textures at different sizes

Credits: Renders - Sympatico Studio

Software: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

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