Young Boys 2 Morphkit for G8M - Merchant Resource 2

Young Boys 2 Morphkit for G8M - Merchant Resource 2

A new package to create your own unique male characters. This set is a good addition to use with my other "Young Boys - Morphkit 1" for expanded possibilities but can also be used without other morphkits.
However this Morphkit is largely directed at the HEAD-shape, 3 full (rigged) young character shapes (Body & Head) are included as well. You can use these Full Body- or Head-Shapes as a start to adjust and create NEW shapes!
Or just use these Full Boy-Characters as an addition to your G8M characters for your renders if you like!
You can mix all morphs with other morphs created for use with Genesis 8 Males.

All morphs are sculpted in Zbrush and are made with special attention to create young character shapes for use with Genesis 8 Male(s).
You may use all morphs in this package to combine with your own modeling or other Merchant Resources to create your own characters for resale or brokering.

All morphs are grouped in one place for easy access.
For each group a Reset-Morphs preset is included!

Included: 82 Morphs
- 79 Morphs for the HEAD in the same place in groups (Chin, Ears, Eyes+Brows, Head, Mouth, Nose, Cheeks+Jaw)
- 3 Full Body Morphs

Note that you can exceed limits in positive and negative direction! This gives a lot of flexibility to create new shapes. But be careful not to exaggerate to prevent unnatural results. Except if it is intended to be so. (For example with fantasy-characters)
For a complete Files list of Morphs see Promo-images and readme.txt.

All these Head-morphs you can find under the tab Shaping and are located in the tab Actor\Head\Real World\Mar3D Young Boys MR2\
The 3 Full Boy Body-Morphs you will find in the tab Actor\Full Body\Real World\Mar3D Young Boys MR2\

Reset Morphs Presets you can find in your content folder here:
..\People\Genesis 8 Male\Shapes\Mar3D\Young Boys MR-2\

Apply/Reset Morph-Presets for the 3 Full Boy Character Morphs are in a subfolder at the same place!

Usage and Limitations:
This product may be used in every commercial or non-commercial renders.
This means you MAY use these morphs to create and bake your own characters for selling in combination with your own custom modeling or morph- merchant resources.
You may use this MR in your own unique combinations within this set or with other Morph Resources.

You may NOT include any of these original morphs as they are in another product.
You may NOT use these morphs as part of another merchant resource.
You may NOT use this package to create characters distrbituted for free.
The content of this package may NOT be redistributed, sold, or copied in any way.

The user also agrees that Mar3D cannot be held responsible for any damage or harm that may come from the use of these files. They were tested and approved and no undesirable effect should come from using them.

I hope this morphkit will be useful for you to start creating your character. And I hope to see many unique new characters, created with these morphs. Have fun.

Used in Promos:
Summer Time Outfit for G3M+G8M, Short Wet Hair, Leandros Hair for G3M, Basketball Kit for G8M (@DAZ), Short Cropped Hair for G3 (by Redzstudio)

DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Male

Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio