Young Males Creation Kit - Body Morphs Merchant Resource

Young Males Creation Kit - Body Morphs Merchant Resource

Young Males Creation Kit - Body Morphs - Merchant Resource. This set contains 61 custom created body morphs and is focused on the creation of younger male characters and shapes (from preteen to late teenage age). Included are partial and also full body morphs you can use to create your own characters or shapes.

Several Base Morphs for a full shape resize (younger appearance) and Shape Presets for different age groups are included as well which you can use as a base for further customization or just start from scratch. It is up to you!

The product can be used on it's own or in combination with other morph packs.

This product is a Merchant Resource. Please read the Merchant Resource Usage Terms below.

* Contents: *

61 Morph Controls:

Body Base Preteen
Body Base Young Teen
Body Base Teen
Body Base Older Teen
Head Base

Arms Length
Arms Lower Muscles
Arms Lower Volume
Arms Upper Volume
Arms Biceps
Arms Shoulders Distance
Arms Shoulders Shape
Arms Shoulders Weak
Arms Wrists Small

Bak Shape
Back Shoulder Blades

Chest Cleavage
Chest Depth
Chest Muscular
Chest Small Smoothing
Chest Up / Down
Chest Collarbone Shape
Chest Rib Cage Shape
Chest Rib Cage Sides Smaller

Feet Length
Feet Size

Full Body Height
Full Body Muscles
Full Body Thin

Hands Size

Hip Glutes Depth
Hip Glutes Shape
Hip Sides Small
Hip Width
Hip Love Handles
Hip Pubic Bone Small

Legs Ankles Shape
Legs Calves Volume
Legs Knee Hollows Shape
Legs Knees Shape
Legs Length
Legs Lower Length
Legs Upper Length
Legs Lower Volume
Legs Upper Volume
Legs Shins Shape
Legs Thighs Back Shape
Legs Thighs Front Shape

Neck Adams Apple
Neck Length
Neck Small

Torso Length

Waist Abdomen Lower Width
Waist Abdomen Mid Width
Waist Abdomen Small Smoothing
Waist Abdomen Upper Width
Waist Belly Button Size (requires Base Navel dialed in)
Waist Belly Button Squeeze (requires Base Navel dialed in)
Waist Belly Button Up / Down
Waist Belly Muscular
Waist Belly Size

- Shape Presets (Preteen, Young Teen, Teen, Older Teen)
- Reset Presets (partial and full)


- DAZ Studio 4.10 or later

This product has been tested in DAZ Studio 4.10 (PC & Mac).
This product is for DAZ Studio only. Not tested in or recommended to be used with Poser.

** Merchant Resource Usage Terms **

The morph files may NOT be copied as they are to any product (free or commercial). They may NOT be used the way that the unaltered original morphs could be extracted.
You may use them to create your own custom shapes and morphs to be included in your commercial (no free!) products by dialing the original morphs in and exporting the altered mesh to further edit it and/or import back to create your own morph. You may NOT use this Merchant Resource to create a similar product (like a body morph pack) or another Merchant Resource. You may NOT use this Merchant Resource to create free products or another Merchant Resource.
This Merchant Resource is for the creation of products based on Genesis 8 Male only.
The morphs may NOT be converted to be used with any other base figure than Genesis 8 Male (except for your own private use that excludes free and commercial redistribution). The main purpose of this Merchant Resource is the creation of body shapes and morphs for custom Genesis 8 Male based character / shape products.
You can use the included morphs on their own or mix them with other Merchant Resources and / or combine them with your own morph creations and changes.
The content of this package may NOT be redistributed, sold, or copied in any way.

If you are uncertain about the usage terms of this Merchant Resource, feel free to contact us.

Software: DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Male

Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio