L'Homme Pro - V.2

L'Homme Pro - V.2

What's new in L'Homme

The L'Homme figure for Poser 11 has been completely reworked. He's been made to be a standalone figure instead of a morph. This makes him easier to work with and create content for. We what we didn't change was what makes L'Homme a great companion figure for La Femme. Both figures share the same base mesh. That means L'Homme and La Femme can share morphs and textures. Both figures share very similar rigging so Poses for one work for the other. The L'Homme base figure is included in the 11.3 service release for Poser. The L'Homme Pro figure has new tools for content developers and is a free update for anyone who already has him.

L'Homme Pro for Poser 11+

L'Homme Pro has been created by the following people:

L'Homme Body sculpt, body morphs, and UV mapping by Blackhearted
Rigging and DevRig by Letterworks
Advanced testing by Deecey
Textures and advanced testing by Rhiannon.

Compatible Products / Software:

Poser 11 or higher required.

What you get with this package:
LHomme OBJ
LHomme cr2
LHommeGenitals CR2 File
LHommeGenitals OBJ File
3 eye textures - Blue, Brown and Green

Materials come in Procedural SSS, Simple PBR and SSS w Refracted Eyes

L'Homme Body Morphs (by Blackhearted)

5 L'Homme Starter Poses w/mirrors (by Ilona)

NOTE: OBJ Files furnished with the L'Homme package MAY NOT be used as merchant resources.


22 textures total:
Three eye colors plus bump and specular maps (1024x1024 resolution)
Natural and No Brow options for face (4096x4096 resolution)
Lash and Eyebrow Trans Map (2048x2048 resolution)
Limbs color, bump and spec maps (40964096 resolution)
Torso color, bump, and spec maps (4096xx4096 resolution)
Gens color, bump, spec, and trans maps (4096xx4096 resolution)

NOTE: La Femme and L'Homme skin textures MAY be used as merchant resources.

Compatible figures: L'Homme Pro - Male Poser Figure

Compatible figures: 
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