Bsb - Axel Outfit for Genesis 9 Male

Bsb - Axel Outfit for Genesis 9 Male

Conforming Clothing/ dForce

BSB - Axel Outfit for Genesis 9 Male. Is a unique sports clothing set containing a top and bodysuit. Which have several material zones to allow you to customize them to your needs.

Top Options: Collarless, Cap Sleeves, Crop Top, Sleeveless, T-shirt and Three Quarter Length Sleeves.

Bodysuit Options: Tank Top, Jammers, Shorts, Three Quarter Length Shorts, Weightlifter Outfit and Wrestler Outfit.

There are 20 texture options for both the top and bodysuit. Along with 4 mesh options to further customize the garment appearance.

As a further BONUS sithlordsims has hand crafted 6 new body morphs for Genesis 9 Male in his unique style: Axel Bodybuilder, Axel Bodybuilder HD, Axel Bodybuilder Hero, Axel Bodybuilder Hero HD, Axel Skinny and Axel Skinny HD.

Morphs List



Axel Bodybuilder
Axel Bodybuilder HD
Axel Bodybuilder Hero
Axel Bodybuilder Hero HD
Axel Skinny
Axel Skinny HD

FBMBraxus2022 (Kaos3D)
Oliver Body Morph (sithlordsims)
FICairo_body_bs_body (sithlordsims)
FINahuel_body_bs_body (Faber Inc)
Rogue_body_bs_Body_HD4 (GhostofMacbeth)
SWMFBMHercules (Swole)




Adjustment Morphs:

Abdomen - Side Left Loosen
Abdomen - Side Right Loosen
Abdomen - Sides Loosen
Abdomen Lower Loosen
Abdomen Upper Loosen
Base of Back Loosen
Bicep - Left - Loosen
Bicep - Right - Loosen
Biceps Loosen
Brachioradialis - Left - Loosen
Brachioradialis - Right - Loosen
Brachioradialis Loosen
Chest Loosen
Collarbone Loosen
Elbow - Left - Loosen
Elbow - Right - Loosen
Elbows Loosen
Flexor Carpi Radialis - Left - Loosen
Flexor Carpi Radialis - Right - Loosen
Flexor Carpi Radialis Loosen
Neck Loosen
Pectoralis Major Muscle - Left - Loosen
Pectoralis Major Muscle - Right - Loosen
Pectoralis Major Muscles Loosen
Pectoralis Minor Muscle - Left - Loosen
Pectoralis Minor Muscle - Right - Loosen
Pectoralis Minor Muscles Loosen
Shoulder Blades Loosen
Shoulder Cap - Left - Loosen
Shoulder Cap - Right - Loosen
Shoulder Caps Loosen
Trap - Left - Loosen
Trap - Right - Loosen
Traps Loosen
Tricep - Left - Loosen
Tricep - Right - Loosen
Triceps Loosen

Style Morphs:

Cap Sleeve Tighten
Crop Top Waist Tighten
Full Length Body Hem Tighten
Full Length Sleeves Tighten
Neck Tighten
Taller Collar
Three Quarter Length Sleeves Tighten
T-shirt Sleeves Tighten


Adjustment Morphs:

Abdomen Loosen
Back Loosen
Base of Back Loosen
Buttock - Left - Loosen
Buttock - Right - Loosen
Buttocks Loosen
Chest Loosen
Crotch Mound Forward
Elbows Loosen
Hip - Left - Loosen
Hip - Right - Loosen
Hips Loosen
Inner Thigh - Left - Loosen
Inner Thigh - Right - Loosen
Inner Thighs Loosen
Knee - Left - Loosen
Knee - Right - Loosen
Knee - Right - Tighten
Knee - Right Inner - Tighten
Knee - Right Outer - Tighten
Knees - Inner - Tighten
Knees - Outer - Tighten
Knees Loosen
Leg - Left - Loosen
Leg - Right - Loosen
Legs Loosen
Neck Loosen Back
Neck Loosen Front
Neck Loosen Side - Left
Neck Loosen Side - Right
Neck Loosen Sides
Neck Loosen Back
Shoulder Blades Loosen
Trap - Left - Loosen
Trap - Right - Loosen
Traps Loosen
Waist - Left - Tighten
Waist - Right - Tighten
Waist - Tighten

Style Morphs:

Bulge 01
Bulge for LGR Characters
Bulge Widen
Wear Over Top
G9M Default Gens
Jammers - Tighten Leg Hems
Shorts - Tighten Leg Hems
Three Quarter Length Shorts - Tighten Leg Hems
Waist Tighten - Buttock - Left Side
Waist Tighten - Buttock - Right Side
Waist Tighten - Buttock - Sides
Waist Tighten (for Shorts only options)
Wear Without Top

We have thoroughly tested this product in Daz Studio

Please note: There are no figures, skin textures, hair, trainers, vehicles or environmental elements in this product. Our product promos are for reference purposes only. To give you an idea of how our clothing will look when rendered.

Required Product(s):
Genesis 9

Compatible figures: 
3D Models